Monday, October 1, 2012

Why hast thou forsaken me, O deity!

I believe in being real. Being genuine. Being myself.

Often, circumstances have caused people to mould themselves to what society deems they should be/behave. In all honesty (is the best policy), I reckon this should not be the case. Society should not be the reason to mould you into whatever. One should always trust oneself.

Even in a relationship. One should never mould themselves into what the partner dream their partners to be like. I mean, what is the use? To quote a good friend "If I want a fat boyfriend, I would have dated a fat guy from the start." I didn't agree with that, neither did I comment any further than a 'LOL'.

Then if my boyfriend lost an arm in an accident, I die die must break up with him. 'Cause if I want a boyfriend without an arm, I would have dated a guy without an arm from the start, no?

There will be a change. Somehow. Good or bad, we dont know and that is the beauty, isn't it. If you have to go through life, knowing it all, don't you think you will find another way to live it. Full of excitements, surprises and more excitement. If you have to go through life, knowing what will happen next, might as well just end it. No point living a reality with the script memorized in your head. Perhaps, going against the universe is the dream.

We need spice. Now, that is life.

We also need me to insert random chio photos of myself.

I just bought some Bak Gu Teh (BGT) spices for Koh and his family who are huge fans of BGT. Maybe that is why I suddenly thought of having spice in life. Because I am fairly boring. Therefore, I do not blog the way the others do. In fact, I go missing... for fun. Or that threatening the universe that you are going to do something drastic just to get things the way you want things to run.

Maybe, get a bad Do-It-Yourself hair dye job. Speaking of which, I have black, red and brown all over my Chinese head. Can I please get a hair sponsor? To do something (other than shaving my locks) exciting? I thank you in advance. You can contact me at .

Friends, dont be shy. You know any kind soul who wants to do a Chinese head (sounds wrong so no pun intended), please pass my number/name/email or I can buay paiseh and contact them myself.

And oh, I hate living on the 11th floor. I can't open my windows for long and I dont like the a/c so my room is.. wait why am I telling you this again?

Whose existence I doubt exist.

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