Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I love blogging -

There is no doubt in the world about that.

I started when I was barely of age to know what harm the Internet had for me and throughout my adolescent, I've created and abandoned a few online diaries of mine. You see, I've always been a pens-on person. Then in 2010, I decided that the Gemini in me needed an online sanctuary; somewhere I can rant the angsty kid in me out to the public without being/feeling guilty.

There are many reasons why I like this space. There are many reasons why people like a space like this. There are many reasons why. Here's my list, just to name a few -

1) Blogging brought me to places I never knew I'd go;

Velvet Zouk KL



2) Met people I've never knew I'd meet;

My first group of fun lovin' blogging friends!

My first female blogging friends !

Met Ang.

Met Yuhao who I think stopped blogging.

Met HP and Clarence Kor.

Met a previous Team Singapore Bodybuilder.

Met SpongeBob.

3) Do things I've never thought I'd do;

Pose awkwardly in front of a statue overseas.

Experience Snow.

Write wishes on lantern and set it off into the air.

Went on a local amazing race adventure and won.

4) Experience food and drinks the way I've never thought I'd experience.

With a bunch of newly made friends.

Atas food on an atas setting.

First event with Oldman who enjoyed beer very much that day.

This space has not been as exciting as I would love it to be nor as exciting as it could be but it is and always will be a place I call mine. There hasn't been much on my plate when comes to blogging and I've been very peace-loving recently. But, I still do hope to continue taking up cyberspace and add more things to my list of "why I blog". I do not call myself a blogger because there are many people out there more worthy of this label. I say I am a creative individual who express herself thru a social media platform, namely blogger.

However, as I grew taller, I learnt that some things are just not meant for the WWW. With that, I am also very much in love with my white lined paper and colourful Smiggle pens. Give me that for X'mas and we will be best friends forever.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another one of those ..

Her eyes sparkled with distress. I should be cross with her for giving me such a fright, instead I let her into my messy but presentable home. As she picked up the dial to key in her husbands number, I decided to make a pot of tea. I reckon both of us needed one to calm our nerves . 

Sally had been my neighbor for as long as I had lived here . We hardly speak. In fact, after switching to the night shift, I did not see her around anymore. Her husband, James , travelled a lot for work. They did not have kids and Sally was a very independent woman. To have her left her keys in her car and flustering into my apartment right behind me, something was definitely not right . However, I did not want to intentionally eavesdrop. Sally would tell me once the time is right.

After what felt like forever and I was beginning to hope it was a call made locally, Sally set the receiver back on the dial and looked at me. "I'm pregnant!", Sally exploded her need with such joy and pride that my apartment was engulfed with a scent of happiness; an emotion that hasn't been emitted in a while. I was happy. Happy for my childhood sweetheart.