Friday, April 30, 2010

beer or rum?

beer anytime.

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More than wordsth

Exactly 8 months ago, you were angry at me. You sent me an angry text saying something about if I am not sure, I should just tell you. I don't know how we came about having you say that but the first thought that came to my mind was I don't want anything between us to end.

Off I went to get our favourite frozen yogurt, filled with your favourite toppings. I met you outside your place and you were surprise. Mission accomplished I thought. Little did I expect you to 'pop' the question. 29 days after our first date, our dating phase ended.

8 months later, I still feel the same. I dont want anything between us to end. I want to hold your hand, hug you to sleep, shower you with kisses and grow old with you. We have our ups and downs and loving you is not easy. Actually, its hard to be your girlfriend with all the other double ups I got to be. However, we pull through.

Happy 8th months and counting, love. What can I do without you and your love?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Major crybaby alert.


Sorry for the outburst of Singlish (Singaporean English) but can anyone tell me how to make my blog more interesting so that I won't bore you? Any topic you will like me to discuss or give my two cents worth? Feel free to comment! I feel ultimate love when I receive email telling me I got comments =] I think every blogger feels that way.

I won't say I love hate comments altogether but I think thats how some people roll. I live with it 'cause thats life.

Hello to all followers! Hello Swap-botters! Keep your comments and visits coming. Have a great week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My robot can ...

Do splits.
Do heel stretch.
Sit like a nice kid.
Do backstretch.
Do forward splits.
Do handstand.
fly like super man.
This is my robot. Second robot Koh got for me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spaceman says

This is what makeup do. Top picture, I was cold and waiting for Koh to turn up. He was an hour late and I was grumpy and sad and did i mention, cold? Last pic, happy that Koh is here, makeup done and not so cold anymore.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Clash Of The Titans

I watched it yesterday, finally. I was told by many that the show is boring and its best not to watch it. However, the movie group homies meeting was set two weeks ago. Teck was the only one who watched already despite knowing he have to watch it with us but he was all in for watching Kick-Ass again. Kick-Ass is such an awesome movie.! Selig and Gab watched it the day before so since majority of us have not catch Clash Of The Titans, we went to get tickets for it.

I didnt fall asleep at any part of the movie. Koh did. However I agree that the show is boring; extreme boring except for the fact Effy Stonem and Tony Stonem (from Skins) were in the movie. I got bored after Tony died.

Nicholas Hoult second from the left.

Kaya Scodelario. Couldnt find any movie still pictures of her but she is the princess' maid.

Whenever this mummy-looking thing speaks, I get so confused. Its not english nor subtitled. At one point, Selig turn to me and said: He talk like we understand like that.


Another scene that I like. The witches are funny and cute!

The movie wasnt a total waste of money but it was that easy for Perseus to 'solve the case'. Everything came to easy peasy for him and typically movie goers know that he will get Medusa's head and save Argos in the end.

I want to peeee

Remember I blogged about Shewee and how its not available in Singapore? Guess what. I went to Plaza Singapore yesterday with Selig, Gab, Teck and Koh to watch Clash Of The Titans and happen to pop by Toy Outpost. Right in that small cubical, Koh pointed that to me.

Our conversation went like that;
Koh: I didnt know now girls can pee like that *points
Cel: This looks familiar. *exclaims I BLOG ABT THIS. SHEWEE.

That boy is so cute < 3

hm, what you say.

taken from daphnesymmetry.tumblr

Monday, April 19, 2010

What is your favorite thing to do?


Ask me anything

What happens when a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Wahlao, I have to start my hit counter again because I was editing my layout and idk where I put the stupid html. On top of that, guess what, I dont remember the site. Kudos, cel, kudos.

Carlsberg ftw

I know I know I said 2am on twitter and now its already 5 in the afternoon. But its better late than never right?

We hxc Carlsberg for the night. Koh wasnt keen on the idea of 1) The couple tee 2) Carlsberg tee 3) his dad. We do not have any couple tee and we try not to wear same color tee and head out. He thought his dad will be unhappy about it but I said: you want to bet that your dad will like what we wear instead?

Indeed, his dad gave a i-like-what-you-are-wearing face. How I know? He was nodding his head in agreement and not shaking head nor showing a unhappy face. And WHY WILL HIS DAD BE UNHAPPY? Come on, he deals with Carlsberg beer -.-' But I have to admit, we look like we came back from wearing for Carlsberg.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have you heard about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes?

Hi, welcome to superstickylabels dot blogspot dot com. I am of no relation of the latest addition of the Post-it® Brand family called the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.
But I have to say I am very impress by this product.

Remember how Post-it® Brand are very important to us when we were younger? How we use these flags to help us mark, tab and point where are the major points of a chapter/topic or hints the teacher gave us?
Now, we have it 2-in-1! Not wanting to carry a pencil box because its not in style anymore or because it adds on extra weight to the already heavy bag? Have no fear, Post-it® Flag+ Writing instrument is here!
Post-it® Flag+ Marker
Post-it® Flag+ Pen
Post-it® Flag+ Highlighter

When we were younger, at the mention of Post-it® Brand, we immediately will think of this:

Post-it® Note

The exact same colour and size but now, look at the growth of the company with all their products!
My favourite product has to be the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. The Post-it® Note arent very lasting and after a short period of time, the ends of the paper will roll up. I decided to experiment on the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. I started this entry at 5.45pm and its now 7pm.


Meet before.

Now, after.

Maybe pictures do not paint a thousand word afterall or maybe its just my phone's camera not that great but there is not even the slightest difference.
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes comes in a few different shapes and sizes as well.

Here's the fun part, contest going on at! As Post-it® Brand celebrates 30 years of colour and fun, they love to hear and see the most creative and original use of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Just upload a video or a photograph of how you use it!

This is how I use it.
To tell Koh that I'd be out for abit, don't panic and I love him.

So have you use Post-it®Brand today?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can you spot the mistake in this iPhone app's settings?
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Nihon Mura

I love buffets. I love Japanese food. I love raw fish. Koh and I decided to head to Cathay's Nihon Mura for some high tea student buffet. I had to test my new iPhone's camera because I never use 3Gs' camera before, I havent use iPhone's camera for quite some time for my previous iPhone died on me. Okay, I am just god damn excited that my dad got me a new iPhone!

Happy smile on a happy boy!
"You can never guess what I'm eating"

Unlimited supply of Sushi!

Ebi Tempura and some ball thing that Koh likes

This is his 'i'm-stuff' face.
"Hey, you done eating already?"
"I am not so you wait for me."
Good sushi. Good buffet. Two thumbs up!

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