Monday, September 26, 2011

Robots and the likes

"A robot is a mechanical intelligent agent which can perform tasks on its own, or with guidance."

Everyone who knows me know that I love robots. I cannot live knowing that robots will not exist one day. Standing on my book shelf are four robots that can walk when winded up and one battery operated robot that twist, turn, open its chest and make gun like sounds.

Each robot is not cheap but it was given to me by my loved ones. Because they know its the perfect gift to give me. And Rashmi, being a doll she is, hands me at least 4 robot shirts whenever she goes back to Bangkok to visit her family.

You can say, I have quite a collection for a girl.

I really hope that before I die, I am able to see robots crossing the road with an old lady in hand. I believe the good in robots. That they are here to help us not to harm us. Yes, that means I dont like the movie: I am Legend. It puts robots in bad shape. Robocop is good. Good cop, good robot.

Robots must also be able to do pedi and medi for the people. They will be more precise in handling my cuticles as their eyes can zoom that no humans can. Their nail art should be better as they are computerized to not make mistakes!

I can think of many things robots can help enhance our lives but it takes a really smart man/woman to build a robot that is able to cater to human's needs. As much as robots will be good in our lives, it will take away jobs and without job, we wont be able to purchase a robot.

If only life is like The Jetsons.

"Catch Real Steel in cinemas this 6 October 2011 and like the Official Real Steel Singapore Facebook Page!”

Dummy guide to

I have an interview on the 1st Oct. I am scared. Scared that I am not pretty enough, not skinny enough and not what they are looking for. This is the most bimbotic (in my view) interview ever and I am not about to use my intelligence to screw this up. It may or may not be a career boomz for me but definitely something I had consider doing.

As though Google is God, I actually googled on their interview tips. Not helpful but at least I am hopeful.

Friday, September 16, 2011

746 Days Later

Koh and I turned 746days old today. At the stroke of 12, he texted me 'I love you 4eva' to which I replied: 4eva is a long time. You sure?

These are the photos we took recently. Out of random and we were actually running late.

During the last (my) family gathering we attend, my auntie was commenting on how we looked like we are an old married couple and the way we conduct ourselves as thou we are an old married couple. I have to stress that the feedback on our r/s is that WE ARE OLD AND MARRIED.

Even Jam, whom I met 2 days ago for dinner, took one look at me and said:" You looked married."

It scares me to think that Koh and I sound old. Like 2 years-ish only and if we grow old now, there might come to a point where we grew too fast, too early and then, there is no space to grow together anymore. OKay, I dont know what am I rambling about but I am scared. Scared that we won't grow ugly, wrinkly and old old together. I want to be the old lady who says "Baby, can you please iron your shirt" to him when he walks around (top) half naked!

So I went on a rummage. I searched his emails and facebook messages for girls' messages to him. Emails and messages dated 2008.. oh what the heck, it will come in handy. After gathering a couple of girls name, I called him and asked a whole lot of nonsensical questions about them. I felt good about this mission of mine.

Jealousy has never been in neither Koh's nor my dictionary. Therefore to fake jealousy was a huge feat for me. It made me feel young and 17 again! 'Cause you know when you are of a certain age, you just settle already so there is no other "parties" (expect the ones at Butter and Zouk) hence I created trouble just so that I can feel different.

Koh's only response? " i love u and i only see and talk to you leh"