Saturday, May 28, 2016

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine review

Husband and I wanted to have Fat Boy's but we didn't know it was close on a Monday so we decided to just plonk our butts at any place nearby that has air con. Most cafes are closed on Mondays therefore other than the coffee shop next to Pepys Road, we had to settle for Thai food . I always walk pass this restaurant but has never tried it out. Thank god for lunch deals!

If you are taking a cab, tell the uncle "after Jalan Mat Jambol". Hardly any taxi drivers know where is Pepys Road and Pasir Panjang Road is such a long stretch. I mean <I>Panjang</i> means long in Malay anyway. 

The carpark at Pepys Road is your nearest carpark and its 50cents every half an hour. Free parking after 5.30pm! 

For some reason he looks like Jay Chou after he shaves.

Lunch deal 1 - Basil chicken rice, extra spicy . Comes with one drink. Egg came with a lot of oil. Loved the basil chicken.

Lunch deal 2 - Pad Thai. Comes with one drink and add $2 for tom yum soup. Husband feels Pad Thai is too hard.

$2 for a tom yum soup add on is reasonable as tom yum soup came with generous ingredients. However soup was more sweet and not spicy. 

Picking out his vegetables . Disgusting man.

20% off desert when you order their lunch deal. This is red ruby delight . We loved the combination of their coconut ice cream and milk at the bottom. Ice cream didn't melt as fast.

Service was good . Even gave us two bowls and two spoons to share our desert ! 

We spent less than $30 on this meal. Prolly the cheapest lunch outside we ever had . 

Verdict - worth it ! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Husband challenge : I let him dress me for a week

I've been seeing plenty of boyfriend/husband tags even before I met Alwyn. I always wanted to challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I am a very strong headed person who likes to be in charge so by letting my significant other decide something for me even for a day is tough! However because Alwyn and I have very similar taste in fashion, I trust in him that he wouldn't chose something that I might look ridiculous in.

It was also a challenge for him as I have very limited clothes (I meant all my comfort clothes) in his house and the other 7/8 of them are still sitting in my parental's. I bring a few pieces back every weekend.

We didn't start the challenge on a Monday as it was Chinese New Year and I have already gotten my new clothes before I decided to do this with Alwyn.

It didn't take long to convince Alwyn to take this up. Towards the last few days he was tired of having to chose my clothes so I gave him the option to chose my undergarments too (men~).

Rules : Alwyn chooses what I wear but he cannot decide my hairstyle and makeup. 


Went to watch a movie with my parents at Jcube. Alwyn chose a sweater because he was afraid I was going to be cold in the theatres. 

Sweater : H&M hongkong
Jeans : denizen from Levi's 
Sandals : Rubi Malaysia 
Bag : Topshop
Makeup : none

I like this combination. It's not something I will put on on my own accord. Singapore is just too warm. Jeans and sandals is not my thing either. But I guess I managed to pull it off pretty nicely.


Went to work as usual today. Alwyn didn't get to select the bag that I'd carry that day 'cause you know, work bag.

Dress : H&M Singapore
Shoes : Nike Air Max Hongkong
Bag : Michael Kors London 
Makeup : none 

This is one of my go to wearables. I definitely go out in this one too many times! My husband knows me and my choice of clothes too well.

Friday -

He has a thing for this pair of sandals. I did try to divert his attention to another pair of kicks but he refused to budge.

Dress: ASOS
Cardigan : Cotton On
Makeup : none 

This dress is too tight for me but he insist I look good in it . I usually find that wearing a cardigan makes my boobs look even bigger than it already is but at the same time he knows I hate to bare my arms . I get cold easier when I wear sleeveless.. Even in sunny Singapore. 


Went out for some visiting after morning class and an afternoon nap. 

Top: H&M
Skirt : Bangkok
Shoes : Minni Mouse Melissa Shoes Brazil
Makeup : none 

I used to like wearing this skirt but then I realize it's not easy to find a top to match it unless it's a plain colored one. To be honest, I almost forgot about this skirt.

Sunday -

V'day! Alwyn wasn't very elated that I wanted to put makeup on. Went to church therefore Alwyn had to chose something that covers at least the knee.

Dress : ASOS
Shoes : Melissa shoes Brazil
Bag : DKNY London 
Makeup : full on

It's a new dress and I was abit taken aback from his choice of red flats. I could have gone with a pair of sneakers but this made me look and feel very feminine!

Monday - 

Had my laptop with me for work proposes. I usually wear slippers if I have to go to two or more houses to teach or am heading home after work.

Top: Bangkok 
Skirt : Bangkok 
Slippers : Havaianas
Makeup : none

Also one of my go to combinations. This time either Alwyn lazy to chose already so he chose what I would usually wear or he wants me to be comfortable.

Tuesday - 

Went to work and CG CNY gathering after. 

Dress : Bangkok 
Cardigan : Cotton Candy
Shoes : New Balance 
Makeup : concealer, eyeliner, eyebrows

I wore this dress only once . I have two more of the same type of dress but different design. I find that the vertical design makes me look bigger sideways? 

I'm pretty glad that the week is over . I'm excited to be choosing my clothes again however it was nice to have someone choose something for me while I laze a little longer in bed. The downside is I can't make any changes like say keep the skirt ditch the top . I like this whole idea and I will make him do this once a year with me!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Permanent Valentine

Meet Alwyn.

I think I haven't officially introduce him. Age 28, Cantonese, Jay Chou lookalike. Husband to Me, future father of my children, my permanent Valentine.

Short story of how we met-
One day, I stepped into a lift. The lift door opened at level 8. Alwyn was there. He tindered me but there wasn't any match so he asked his friend about me. A month later, we met again. He asked me out. I said yes. The end.

This is how we spent our first Valentine's Day. I woke up to his smelly face in the morning and laid in bed till he gets up, a blessing that we are able to do that. Alwyn leaves for work at 7am every weekday and I work at 8.30am every weekend.

When the man got up, he brushed his teeth to have his coffee while I catch up on one US show. Suddenly..

This. I was thinking to myself if I was getting flowers and how is he going to go get them when I will be with him the whole of today. Then, as though I was a muggle and he was from Potterworld, a bouquet of flower appeared in front of me 😍

Red eye because eye itchy.

Rejoiced but refusing to give him a thank you kiss because I haven't brush my teeth, I went to the bathroom and wash my face to have breakfast.

Plant a kiss after I have my oral hygiene fixed

We then got ready for church.

Snuck a funny face shot before service started


I felt blessed that Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday. It's like we can have a date with Jesus too. 

Off to have dinner !

Everything was planned by the man. Even my dressing. If he had everything his way, he would have me remove my makeup. 

Here's a cheesy edit of a dinner photo for a cheesy date of an overrated highly celebrated day by young couples and so old ones too. We had dinner at this Italian place at Portsdown Road called Pietrasanta.

Service was fantastic but I can't say the same for their food. Staff knew their stuff which was refreshing. 

We ordered Minestrone soup. Staff asked if we were sharing and he said he will serve us on two separate bowls. That's a first for me however soup that came was bland. 

They had grilled calamari on menu. Staff said we can change it to fried calamari, which we did. It was too salty for my liking but Alwyn likes everything salty. 

Main was alright . I had a very standard seafood pasta with white wine sauce that could do with a little bit more herbs. Alwyn had a ravioli which tasted more like lasagna, only less carbs.

No photos because this one not food review post. I did read some reviews on HGW, one encountered cockroaches. I only saw two red ants on my table.

We then went for a walk at Henderson Waves and took photo at the exact spot we did when we were dating. We usually go for a walk after dinner but it has stopped after getting married as we hardly have dinner together anymore due to my work commitments. He was so excited when I suggested going for a walk.

Came home to another surprise on the table - a new wallet from Agnes B. But I still made him pluck my armpit hairs. Marriage is pretty disgusting. 

As the night was still young, we went heads on on his PS3. I would like to think that he finds his PS4 very precious so he doesn't play with it much. If not, it's abit waste of my $750 to get the Star Wars Limited Ed.

Then it's bed time. My permanent Valentine said that he will upz his game every year because I deserve it and I'm like three years later then say. 'Cause he looks like he's sleeping but he's actually playing games on his iPhone.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Arch Angel Brow eyelash extension review

Vanity is in every girl/woman's bloodstream. So is laziness . After getting my eyebrow embroidered, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel . I didn't have to worry about one area of my face. It's like a burden off my shoulders because I never knew how to do my eyebrows properly although I am blessed with eyebrows. However I can't say the same to my eyelashes department.

So for awhile now I've been researching on eyelash extensions. Still, I had doubts not answered and I got so tired of weighing out the pros and cons that I decided to wing it . I got a deal off , set an appointment and got ready for the results . Before I decided on the deal that I got, I searched for reviews but to no avail. Arch Angel Brows had a couple of bloggers' reviews on their eyebrow embroidery. One said the comfort level was 7/10, which to me was considered very bad as Allure Beauty eyebrow embroidery has zilch pain and discomfort. I still went for it as it was near home.

Located at 321 Clementi, it's very accessible and easy to find. Shop front is small and squeezy, it made me feel uncomfortable especially because I was lugging my bag and laptop for work after.

Someone was sorted at that chair for a consultant on her eyebrows that day and I had to squeeze to get into the door.

I was given a choice of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm cluster eyelashes. I asked for before and after photos of the various eyelash extensions and settled for 10mm as I wanted to look more natural than looking as though I have feathers on.

Before. I used photowonder app so that my blemishes won't scare anyone.

After. Fuller and curly!

My beautician was alright. She was helpful and patient although not a proficient in English. I was impressed at her service before the nightmare started. The whole process was pretty painless although it felt dry and prickly though. Like something was poking my eye as she glued the eyelash extensions. The worst was when she asked me to open my eyes before the glue dried. I was tearing and I couldn't wipe the tears off! It was torturous and scary, scared that I will go blind.

At the end of it all, of course I was asked if I wanted to get a package with them. As my beautician couldn't speak proper English, she asked another staff to explain to me how to take care of my eyelash extensions. Instead that staff tried to sell me a package and after I said no thank you (see, i was still very polite), she seemed completely uninterested in telling me anything else and when I asked her what are the dos and donts, she just said "don't rub your eyes". THATS IT . Wow. I googled and it gave me more than that instruction. 

Eyelash extensions meant to last for at least 2 weeks. It's been 4 days and two of them fell off from my right eye. They still look pretty even. 

No eyeliner, no mascara, no eyebrow drawing! Just concealer, blusher and lipstick!

I love having eyelash extensions. I feel more confident going barefaced although it's hard to maintain in my case; I still need to get use to having it. But I know for sure I would never go back to Arch Angel Brow even if it's the last place that does eyelash extensions. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello and Goodbye. Hello, not Goodnight.

Yes, yes, yes. I've noticed the lack of updates and the risk of abandoning this space. I needed a little me time. So I apologise. I found myself back in church end 2014, got involved in cell groups and made more than a little amount of friends. I found myself. If you have me on social media, I also found a man who loved me more than I ever loved myself. A man who cares for me more than his own wellbeing. I exchanged vows with this man on 12.12.15, about 7 months after our first date.

I kept wanting to share our eventful matrimony; how we prepared for it under 2 months. But, I also kept forgetting. It will come eventually, I promise.

The past year saw me grown into a better human. I guess I'm less angry, less impatient, less "princessy" (although my husband will beg to differ). I let go off what was pulling me down and took many steps forward and back to where I am now. I took a trip to Europe on my own and met people from all walks of life. I did so many things I never thought I had the strength to do if I was still with EK. So thank you, Koh. You made my life so much better now.

Going back to church was the best decision I've made in 2014. 2015 I saw a lot of miracles happening to me. I saw it unfold in front of my eyes. The power of faith is stronger than you think it is. I got my three prayer requests fulfilled; getting my license, more assignments, a glorious man. Not in order and of course more detailed but you get the 411. I've been driving for about half a year now, my income is very stable and I got married (not a shotgun).

I expected this blog post to be a lot longer since I have been missing in action. But I guess thats all to it. Hello, again.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Letter

Dear Friend,

I am not your friend on FaceBook but you are a dear friend of mine in real life. Your departure is sudden but I guess when Allah needs you, He calls you back in His arms. I don't know how to deal with death but I will take it like a man. There are things about you that I've never told you however I reckon in time, I will tell them all to you.

I will never forget the encouragements and advices you gave me when we are in court, either playing side by side or on the opposite sides. I will never forget our banters. I will never forget the silly jokes. I will never forget laughing beside you. I will never forget the gracefulness of your throws. I will never forget you.

Don't you worry about all of us. We will keep playing the game of Life on your behalf. We will stand by your family and see that they are fine. I know you are too, just not longer physical. I believe you are meant for bigger things..perhaps in other lifetime. I am truly blessed to have known you.

Things will definitely not be the same during Dodgeball but your presence will forever be felt. I am sure we will continue the silly banters and the harmless flirtatious exchanges. We will feel your laughter and imagine you smirking when you are not in the serious mood. Its our loss that you won't be playing along side with us.

I won't be seeing you for a while and I will be alright. Don't miss us but we will miss you. Till we meet again.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Dummies' Guide to Rainbow nails !

Let's move on from the Gushcloud exposè part 2 and try something fun and fulfilling at home ! Yah, I don't think gathering "evidence" while you have a baby to take care of is neither fun nor fulfilling. 

Not that I want to stir but her blogging bff having baby and only got 3 sponsors ..maybe it's to direct traffic to her via her. If you get what I mean. I go back to stirrin my milo .

Colours that you need - oh I like..
Red, it's the colour of an apple
Orange, it's the colour of an orange 
Yellow, it's the lemon and our beautiful sun sun sun
Green, it's the colour of trees and lots of things that grow 
And then there's blue for the sky,
And purple, that's a colour that is fun fun fun !

- The Rainbow song by Barney the dinosaur !

Of course, remember your base and top coat ! 

For this fun happy splash of colours, you will need -

A sponge . The portion I needed in comparsion to the photo I've google. I've done this before but it wasn't as opaque as the one on screen  'cause I didn't wanted it. Although it's said that the colours will pop out more if you first paint your nails with a white base. I personally don't like white - they look like liquid paper on my nails :/

Credits : @katesthenamee
White base first.

This time, I put more paint on the sponge to make it more non transparent. You just need to wipe your nail brush once across the sponge . It's okay to overlap. It's supposed to be messy anyway. Then once you are done with the 6 colours, just stamp on your nails ! 

Your nail bed will def get ruined if you are like me. Lazy. Lazy to coat the nail bed with lotion or use tape. 

Just use some q-tips and your favourite nail polish remover ! It comes off really easily. (Disclaimer : not my favourite remover. My mother used the last bit of my old one and she was afraid that I will flip so she faster go anyhow replace one.)

End product ! However my red and orange got overlapped too much till they look almost the same ! But I love how messy it is and how it looks like it faded into each other when you blend ten eye shadow colours onto your Asian eyelids.

I used 6 colours instead of 7 because my nails too short and the two purples are its gonna blend so well together you can tell that you really have two different shades of purple ! 

Have fun trying this at home !