Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life and such

I think it's almost ridiculous to be calling this team bonding when everyone normal. Is stereotypical and refusing to bond with people not of the same level or with common interest. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose to a team bonding is to get to know who else is also serving the community at where?
Yes you might not see eye to eye with a certain someone but does that mean you have the rights to show a black face throughout the supposingly bonding session? I always thought the idea of such event is to out away differences, come together and get to know one another again. What's the point of bearing a grudge and making some uncomfortable?
Some may say it's the age that makes a person. You can blame it on the level of maturity or the mindset they developed however for those who followed suit or have the same ideology, are they just plain shallow? or just merely stupid?
In my honest everyone deserves a chance to be themselves (whether drunk or sober). One should not be too quick to judge or judge based on one instance. It's hard to practice what I preach but at least I don't dislike a person without a reason or telling him/her the reason of it all. I believe that person deserves the basic respect of all fellow human being.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vineyard shower gel giveaway

How do I smell nice the whole day and feel refresh and clean after a whole day out? Answer is simple! Body shop vineyard shower gel!
Thanks to issac at and the kind ppl at the body shop, SSL is giving away one bottle. The very bottle I am holding!
How to win? Simple also. Just comment this entry with your name and email or twitter so I can contact you. Contest ends Friday 15.3.13 at 12am sg time.
Till then, smell fresh!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Agnes B because I can.

I've always been a fan of surprises. And a fan of gifts. Anything free and works is good for me. I am not expensive to maintain although I eat alot but I can never spend more than 100$ on an item for myself. My most expensive item found on myself must have been either a hand me down or it belongs to Koh.
Then one day, I decided I need a new wallet. I sourced and I found one pretty one (okay, I didnt found it. Intan told me to google and I did).

Yes, I wanted this. So pretty. The bow. The colour. I am in love with you, Prada Saffiano Wallet with Bow. Its retailing in SG for about 800$? That is 7 whole months worth of wanton noodles. I gave my "flying" friends the photo and told them to get this for me in Paris if its less than 500$SG. Even 500$SG is expensive. Idk what is wrong with me but its realllllly pretty!

But all is not lost! I walked around Isetan Wisma and Taka and fell in love with another wallet. It will cost me nearly 500$. There was no way I was going to get it without consideration. And I have half the heart to get the DKNY wallet that cost 190$.

That DKNY envelope wallet. It has just the right number of card pockets I need and a slot to put photo just the way I like. Its not real leather therefore the price therefore Koh said its not worth it. Plus Intan got the green one a few days before.

Pardon the morning bed head. Had a bag delivered to me.

Oh dear lord. Is it what I think it is? Ive never receive anything like this before.

YESSSSAAAAAA.  Now it is in the colour I wanted....

Royal Purple. The other colour is red. I couldnt mind any of the two colours actually. Red is my favourite colour while purple is really unique. 

I am a very proud owner of a very expensive Agnes B wallet. I dont have to eat grass for the next few months but I do feel the pinch. And just so you know, I made the whole entry up about being surprised.