Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wah so small ah

Living in Singapore makes life easy and hard. It's small enough fo you to bump into someone you know on the streets yet big enough for you to be unable to find a long lost relative. After 6 years, I foun myself to be classmates with Aidan Galistan. I met him thru Stefan Jude, an ex boyfriend during high school. A is S' cousin. Aidan has been a great help to me in school and I really appreciate God letting me meet him again. We have gotten close because we are teammates and we go school together. Come on, he lives in the west too. Is it really hard for different sexes to be good friends without being labelled "obsessed"?


Roosterruler said...

Love the insight into your life in Singapore. I have an awesome friend who I met at L'Abri (Christian community sort of thing in Switzerland) who was from Singapore.

I like how you put it, "...because we are teammates..." Not sure if that is literal, but it seems like a good way to put it.

Robotgranny said...

One day, id like to live out of here; just to experience hows it like to go somewhere where you know nobody and nobody knows you.

we are in the same group for school group work. i am glad i poach him to the group. hes really a friend in need a friend indeed.

Het Kabinet said...

Hi, I like your blog.
I came here through the "Check out my blog!" swap on swap-bot.
I will be following too!


Het Kabinet said...


Robotgranny said...

Hi Audrey, thank you !