Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear you |

I know I havent talk to You in ages and whenever I do, I am in trouble. Today, I wish you will bless my friend who got into an accident yesterday and have her up and running soon. Lina isn't someone whom I am very close too neither someone I speak to all the time but it hurts knowing yet another friend is unwell, bedridden and I cannot do anything about it.

Readers, please help pray for my friend, Lina. Include her in your prayers. You will be bless too.


p/s: Lina, you are a shinning star like everyone else. You can do it.

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beautifullybroken said...

thanks for the congrats. :) you said that you to "wait for like 2 more years till Koh says something"...what did you mean by that? :)

i'm praying for your friend. i hope that all is well.