Monday, December 27, 2010

What music are you listening to today?

@digitalizzm suck. im still stuck on Take over control but since the death of Kevin, Ive been tuning in to Band Perry.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ova and Over

Yay, I completed my 2nd semester in SMa and 1 more semester till I can grab hold of my diploma (finally)! My transcript confirm very nice because I am Astar student.

I am not very confident this semester but I really don't wish to see my transcript with any Credits or Pass. I've been a good girl, Santa. Well, sorta. At least I got like 3 Distinctions and 1 High Distinction to my name already. A few more (4 more to be exact) won't kill you right? Somemore you don't even have to travel to my place! Just ask the school to email me.

However, I must add that I indeed have a feeling I might have only done well enough to get S this semester's paper. S for Sub.Paper which means I'd have to sit for it again. *add dramatic drama queen's screams of No*

I wont accept a Fail too because there is no way in Jurong that I will want to sit through PR or Journalism again. Plus, I'd have to wait for a semester before retaking. Its a waste of time.

So okay, here goes, I am willing to accept two Ps this semester. There. No more compromise or arguments. I promise to work doubly hard next semester and be really nice to Dr Poh. I won't even laugh at his English or try to be sarcastic to any lecturer. Its tough but the tough gets it going.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zoukout 2010

I didnt really enjoy myself this year at Zoukout. It was overcrowded and too many pushings around. Unless you are on a platform, its impossible to dance for more than 5 minutes because someone will asking you to move so that he/she/they can walk pass. The rain was okay. In fact, I love how it did rain. However, I could not take any pictures because of the crowd and rain.

Hence, you might want to enjoy pictures of pre zoukout and post zoukout.

Bee's virgin zoukout!

We are in Raymond's crib.

Will miss her when she leaves for sweden.

Giving me the eye because I disturb him playing PS3.

Never mess with the Yat Sun.

Hyping up!

Found Raymond's halloween headgear.

Alcohol now. Save later.

Koh had a battle and got a cut on his toe before we reach the bench.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 and a half

"Oh, screw those guys. We are adorable" - Lily HIMYM

Super Sticky Labels on Ovi

SSL 256

SSL 360

Very soon, you will see these two pictures on your Nokia Ovi Store because I was one of the first 50 bloggers to attend a workshop to create my own blog app in Ovi Store! I am usually not a very efficient blogger but this time, I am very excited to share with you, you and everyone else how to make your own web app! Dont say I never teach you.

(This is brought to you by the kind people of Nokia and Nuffnang!)

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.50.21

#Step 1.1: Head to your browser and type in this url:

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.21.48

#Step 1.2: Create an account and verify it!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.18.51

#Step 1.3: Click on Dashboard and then on "Build a new application".

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.52.00

It will bring you to this page where you are supposed to ..

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.51.39

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.51.21

#Step 1.4: Type in the url of the website you want to create an app for. Note: Make sure your website got RSS feed.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.52.36

Click on "Next Step" to proceed to the next steps!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.53.01

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.53.08

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 07.53.34

#Step 2.1: Insert your logo!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.00.32

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.07.37

#Step 2.2: Remember to edit your channel name and application name. Symbols are not allowed.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.00.41

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.03.04

#Step 2.3: Create your logo and edit your logo background.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.04.23

#Step 2.4: Edit the colours of your app!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.05.35

#Step 2.5: Of course, set your default language. There are tons of language to choose from.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.05.50

#Step 2.6: Move on..

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.07.54

#Step 3: Make sure your app is fully yours and not stolen from anyone else.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.08.34

This is optional. I skipped this step.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.17.32

#Step 4.1: Choose your category.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.17.50

#Step 4.2: Check if you want your app to be global. And the price of your app! Mine is FREE!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.17.54

WE ARE DONE! Okay, actually not quite.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.21.12

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.21.27

Do a quick final check to make sure everything is intact and correct. Then submit. Its easy right?

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at PM 08.21.36

However, you will have to wait for a few days for Nokia to inspect your app (to make sure its not any adult activities app) and people can start d/l-ing your app on Ovi Store on Nokia phones!

Again, thanks to the wonderful people of Nokia and Nuffnang, I have giveaways!


In these two boxes, ..


Lies Nokia Mice. I swear I didnt know Nokia have mice.


I give you closer look.

You want to bring home one? I got only 2 to give away. Postage is on me because its my way to say thank you to you for reading this space. Yup, both overseas and locally. All you need to do is to comment! Leave me your name, email address and I'd get my brother, Nigel, to choose 2 winners! Its totally random and its not a way to generate comments on my blog. I just thought it'd be fun! You dont even need post your real name if you dont want to.

Till the next time.. when my app gets approval and you have a Nokia handphone, remember to download SSL . The next time you read my blog, it will be on your phone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Of first autistic impressions

It is almost absurd that people say don't judge books by its cover when most do not practice this preach. After all you buy a book after 2 minutes of holding it. That snap evaluation you just made is base upon the cover art, binding, font size, summary and sometimes statements of acclaim.

Judgment is therefore made. It may be right or wrong but it would take awhile before you make that evaluation again.

So to say, this is the like for people.

We judge at first sight and we are more often than wrong, we rarely divert from the first impression. Even if it is to be overwritten here and there, that impression is rather underlying.

Mr Jared Ng, 19, is one of those “books” you will judge upon sight.

The hyperactive kid that he is now did not start talking till he was two. His mother, Mrs Ng, 48, said, “We were very worried because he doesn’t response to us nor speak. (At first) we thought he was either deaf or mute.”

He was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

When the Tic-Tok went to interview Jared and family last Monday, he was in good spirits but easily distracted and even started singing techno loudly at one point of time. An avid singer, he auditioned for Singapore Idols 3 and was rejected.

“He likes to sing and is very loud in public. People will start to stare and give the face. The looks on their faces are as though my son is siao (crazy in hokkien), expressed Mrs. Ng.

An ex-Jurongville Secondary School (JVS) and current ITE Chua Chu Kang (ITE-CCK) student, Jared was confident and knew clearly which education route he wanted to take. He even dreams of serving the nation.

“I am now in ITE. After this, I want serve the nation because I am a man. Then, I will go Polytechnic and further my studies,” Jared proclaimed with a big smile.

Unfortunately Jared will not be able to serve the nation due to his condition.

“You know, I was voted Mr. JVS by my teachers in secondary school because I was very helpful, “added Mr. Jared Ng.

However, life in secondary school was not that rosy for Jared. While well loved by his teachers, he frequently spends his recess and lunch period alone.

When asked about his peers, Mrs. Ng cried and whispered slowly,” We always fear that the children in school will not accept him and he will not make any friends. “

Despite the fear Mrs. Ng had for her second child, Jared proved that autistic children are not to be belittled. Jared is well loved by his classmates and was voted class monitor early this year. When he is sick, his facebook profile was flooded with get-well-soon wishes from his classmates.

With recent data showing that one in every 110 children getting diagnosed with autism, it is not uncommon to have encountered an autistic person. The support from Jared’s family and friends signifies that it is plausible for Singaporeans to accept autistic people and give them their support by having patience and an open mind.

Support groups such as Autism Youth Centre have relentlessly provided assistance and advice for families of persons with autism, giving public awareness to promote community involvement and support and imparting knowledge and skills for people with autism through training. With such activities being carried out to aid autistic people, and with the kind of support given by families of autistic children, it does not come as a shock that, contrary to common belief, autistic children can lead normal lives despite their condition.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tron is Legacy

So Nuffnang introduced this cool Facebook page to me via e-mail. I ended up having my picture in Tron!

I biker. Be afraid.

I actually have to either upload a picture or take from webcam. Then I adjusted my face into the helmet hole.

I got no license but I'm riding that cool ride. Dig that yall.

Tron is coming to Singapore on Dec 16! In 3D too. Go catch it!

You want to be on a bike too? Simply go to: and Like the page to start playing with the app! There are 3 apps to play around with.

Synopsis of the movie:

Sam Flynn (Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade — a signal that could only come from his father– he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Wilde), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a cyber universe — a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.