Monday, January 31, 2011

Potassium Hydroxide

When we first met, I was working at a club as a cashier at the door and he was there because his friend was the door host for the night. I wasn’t attracted to him in any way although he was cute and according to his friends, he was on the way to writing his life story.

“Talk-a lot” has always been one of my flaws and of course, being a gentleman, he entertained me while his friends went into the club to get drinks.

I knew I was going to see him again. And he told me (months later) he knew he would see me again.

A couple of days later, while waiting for my date to pick my drunk self up from St. James (that’s right I was seeing someone else then), I received a notification on my phone that someone requested to be friends with me on facebook.

Drunkenly, I accepted which was not the likes of me.

The next time, instead of nursing that hangover, I immediately recalled that I consent to a facebook request. To the laptop I go to check out the profile of the newly added friend.

I don’t know why but I remember his cute but shy face vividly. I heave a sigh of relief while typing: “Chey, I thought I accepted who last night. It's you”.

Then, the thing about his life story came to my mind too. After exchanging a few comments, he asked for my msn, which I gave without a thought (again, unlike me).

We chatted for a while and he needed to go. He got my number (and till this day, we cannot, for the life of us, remember how he got my number).

3 days later, with reference of the U.S sitcom, HOW I MET YOU MOTHER where the rule states one should wait 3 days before calling the girl you want to get to know, he texted me:” Did I tell you I caught a really big fish?” Yea, he loves fishing (and I don’t see the fun in it).

At that time, I was at a party with my friends at Orchard towers and supposed to stay over at one of their place after. But, I was really bored and that party… lets just say it wasn’t my scene.

Technically, he won half of the battle by finally asking me out (on such short notice) and taking me away from where I was. That was not without at least 10 texts of hints. That poor boy has just come back from a 3 day fishing trip and was dying to play his new Xbox game yet still ask me out. How sweet!

So I took a taxi to his place to pick him up then head to RSYC, which was around the corner. He paid for the entire ride and brought home made drinks. By this time, I was already had ample enough to drink and ya, again, I talked a lot. We both honestly do not remember what happened that night at RSYC. I just.. talk too much and he just listened. He was too shy to look me in the eye though. I know I wouldn’t care less about the surrounding.

I got tired and since his place was like a 10-minute walk away, we walked back to his place to put his things down. I ended up taking a 10 minutes nap on his bed.

We decided to go get breakfast at McDonalds. McDonalds had the Hello Kitty rings as Happy Meal’s toys. He got it for me and put it on my finger. Instead of going ‘aww’ or ‘huh’ or whatever appropriate emotions, I just went “thank you”. Like I’ve said, I wasn’t attracted to him at all.

On the way back, when walking, he suddenly held my hand. That, gave me butterflies in my stomach. I am pretty sure it was despite the fact that beer and McDonalds might not go well together.

That was how we met and had our first date. How my potassium hydroxide and I got to know each other. That cute shy gentleman is call Eugene Koh and I’ve the weirdest habit of calling people by their surname. KOH = Potassium hydroxide.

When we first started going out, we both know that I cannot commit and after 28 days, he got really insecure. He told me “not to waste our time”. I got really scared and I know I had to do something to cheer him up.

Thus, with a yogurt in hand, I surprised him at his place. In tears (because he was touched), he asked me to be his girlfriend. No men that I know have ever dared to cry in front of a girl! I was really taken aback but that showed that Koh was not afraid to show me his feelings.

He wanted to ask me on our 20th date but because of the yogurt(I think), he decided to just go ahead with popping the question. He said he knew he wanted to go out with me for real.

It’s been a year and half. For the both of us, this is our longest relationship and also the one that felt so right. I did cheat on him but was honest about it (see, commitment issues) and he forgave me. Because of him, I learnt to not play around (I was also unsure of my future) hence decided to settle in a field of study and him.

Despite all our heated arguments that involves tearing up photos, throwing pillows and unkind words exchanged, you are no doubt who I want to grow old with. You paint the pictures in my black and white colouring book with everything a girl would ask for. Thank you for never giving up on me. Happy 17th.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello Kevin, I miss you. I hope you are doing great wherever you are. Happy new year, by the way. Is the beer with the one above better than the ones you had with us?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not now

Not abandoning this space… at least not now. But will be back. Too many photos but Internet being a dog. All I can say is 2011, a room for forgiveness. This year, I decided to forgive and forget those who annoyed me in 2010. That, takes time. And time shall spend wisely on.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My current hair is a mess

If you spot me, I am usually in a bun. My hair is always in a bun. Why?

Every morning, without fail,
I will play tug of war with my hair
till its smoother.
However, the condition of the hair is still very bad.

You cannot see how many hair is stuck to the comb after one brush


Here's what the floor has to offer.


And it gets worse when I shower and condition my hair. I lost count after like 3 minutes of shampoo-ing which I will spare you the sight.

My hair is really fizzly.



I look at it and I dont know what to do.



Maybe an iPad in my hands will help me better because hair can grow then snip it off. I am not a fan of long long hair like Rapunzal. Actually if no iPad, hair products, hair care vouchers, whatever. At least some consolation to my hair problems can also. One cannot be too greedy!

So when I am at home or dressed slack, I like to put my hair back.

However, i have this few strands sticking out.


Plus my hair is of different colours =[

It cant seem to 'absorb' the coloring of the dye =[[

And when I remove my hairband,
this happens.



Usually, I look like



Have you met.. my app?

So SSL can be readable and downloadable because technology is awesome. If you not like me, dont like to use IE (BB/NOKIA/WHATEVER YOU WINDOWS PEOPLE DO) and Safari (IPHONESSSS FTW!) to open up SSL page. Here's what you can do..



I also taught you how to create your own app right? Well, if you are a Nuffnanger, you can promote it HERE! I dont use Nokia so I dont know how the app download store (OVI) works. Dont hesitate. You like SSL, you got NOKIA, you download app.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm leaving on a jetplane

Leaving to Genting Highlands in a bit and I am very excited. This is my first trip out of Singapore without my parents or any adults. I am still rocking it, 21 style. Still have not finish packing my bag 'cause its gonna be cold (17C min.). I can't seem to decide which 'winter' wear will keep me warm and match my clothes! Might just bring passport and wallet and buy everything else there.

Its currently 23C ( the coldest predicted for the day) and freezzzingggg.

With that, I leave you with a cool picture of me and see you in 3 days!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What was the best concert you went to?

2008, the click 5
2009, black eyed peas
2010, yeah yeah yeahs

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

Has 2010 been a good year?

What can I say?

I remember starting 2010 with a bang then, I cried. It was my first time watching fireworks with Koh (and everyone knows I HATE FIREWORKS). I spent half of the time covering my ears for fear of the loud sound and trying to move back while Koh is not looking for fear the fireworks might actually somehow burn my clothes. I DO NOT KID. I FEAR FIREWORKS DEARLY.

1st Jan 2010 marked my 6months and one day with Koh. End of 2009, Koh and I were going through a rough time. I cry like most of the time so new years was no different but I don't remember why I cried.

Then I started school…again. Met two of my bestest best SMa friends ever and one of them left me early October. From there, the rest of my 2010 was horrible. It was death after death. It ended with Ahma (Koh's grandma) leaving us 2 days after Christmas.

School was great. I met A (a long time ex bf's cousin) again and he helped me so much, it was insane. We had to separate due to different courses and I got closer to Nate. I also learnt that the people whom you think is your friend may not be your friend afterall and if you are sad, you actually is bothered. If you are not, meh, he/she not as important as you think he/she is.

Social wise… I managed to spend more time with The Princess, Izzy and finally matchmake the right guy to Cheryl (I fail once and I blame myself for her misery). I didn't miss out on any important 21st birthday parties, I think! Oh oh, I had an awesome 21st too!

Romantically speaking, Koh and I became old folks. Stopped going on proper dates. All we did is chill at home, club somewhere (and end the night at 2ish?), eat at yacht club, blahblah. But we are still together! It was tough during the last 5months because poor boy enlisted. We didnt even spend our 1st year together nor celebrate anything.

However, 2011 said to be better because I am turning 22 in June, finally getting a diploma in April and is going on a trip w Koh during his block leave in a few days time!

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

5 days passed

I've made 2010 resolutions 7 days after the new year. Of course, by any chance if you are thinking, I did not accomplish everything on my list. For instance, I have a semester till I graduate! Yes, you didnt read wrongly. One more semester means I made it through my previous semesters!

I only had 2 hair cuts in 2010 and it wasnt major. I also lost 2kg so technically, I managed to fulfill 2 resolution out of the 10 I made! Not bad!

Let's put 2010 behind and look forward! That's why our eyes are in front, not at the back.

This year:
  • Get a job after graduating and patiently wait for Koh to ORD
  • Cut down on you-know-whats
  • Travel to Bangkok after graduation
  • Lose more weight
  • Spend more time with family

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little bitch exposed!

If I'm on a set of Gossip Girl, I'm definitely a Blair. Fuck that, I'm a Blair irl. It's as though I'm watching myself live whenever Gossip Girl is on.

Like Blair, I'm good at planning and organizing parties. Like Blair, I am awesome at plotting my revenge and playing mind games.

Too bad, Koh is neither my chuck nor Louie.

In every Blairs' life, there's a Georgina and a little J. My little J has to be this bitch who blocked me from tweeter yet still tweet about me. It's okay you know. But what I can't stand is she tweeting about me, I bitch about it here and she claims (again in tweeter) that she's not directing it to me!