Friday, October 12, 2012

Wee Owls at Xin Wang Cafe

Yo Siblings met again. We seem to always kena the same events. Also because whenever I RSVP for an event, I make him RSVP too.

Nuffnang invited us to a food tasting at Xin Wang Cafe (my first ever food tasting! Xin Wang took my first time away) because Xin Wang is opened till 4am! There are 16 outlets in Singapore so if you are looking for supper and want somewhere air conditioned, XIN WANG IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

They also got outdoor area. Koh and I fluent to the one at West Coast Plaza since forever 'cause we can stay there till 4am and its near home. We even had the Peng Yau membership card which expired in September.

This time, we receive a Limited Edition membership card! It works exactly like the Peng Yau card but only the design is different! I am very excited to start using my card!

Drinks were served! Top: Ice Teh Bottom: Critrus Drink

Different table gets to try different food items. We realise this too late, got stuck w tasting the rice rice items. We waste a lot of rice that day.

Gyoza, my fav!

 Har Gao, my fav too!

Glutinous Rice, I cannot consume despite how much I like you 'cause you contain Mushroom *insert sad face*

Fried Rice which we all love but cannot finish. 

More rice. Now with Curry.

Juicy Fried Chicken. Which we "won" from playing charades with Lady Iron Chef, Brad.

My favourite of all favourite, Prawn Paste Chicken. Its a lil salty but nonetheless, sedap !

Custard bun. 

Spicy Chicken, with Rice.

Then Miss Tam Chiak come over and give us this Fish Baked Rice 'cause her that side too many food.


Photos of me and other people at the event! It was fun and I had fun!

Find your nearest Xin Wang Cafe and enjoy your supper with them till 4am now! Membership cards are available for a fee, check it out here. Oh and also, they have added 30 new items into their new revamped menu!

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