Sunday, October 7, 2012

7-Eleven is a store and more - Contest!

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Did you ever wonder what makes 7-Eleven the leading brand? Because they are not just a store and more, they brought us convenience. Koh and I love 7-Eleven. From where he lived, there are 2 stores; one smaller (mostly snacks and drinks), one bigger (with everything you ever need at 1am).

We are always feeling the need for a snack so of course we went to the smaller one where you really can find all kind of snacks. I spy with my little eye, someone in black spotted something!

I was right! 7-Eleven have promotion all the time too. Just like any other Singaporean, I also want to know what is on "sale".

Oh hello. I am open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can find me anywhere and everywhere on this island.

Can you spot what are we gonna get?

-That's right! Simply spend (min.)$3 in a single recipt and you might win a trip for 4 to Chengdu from now till 31st Oct 2012! Of course, being a very typical kiasu Singaporean, I try to buy exactly $3 on every receipt.  Buy more so more chances! 

One of my recipts! Visit 7-Eleven for more details!

Friendly staff ! Didnt even complain about me wanting to spilt the bill. Talk about good service too!

Koh and I had patronised 7-Eleven at 3am for the past i-dont-know-how-many years that even the staff recognises us and remember our purchases.

Hmm. Koh is not just having his seaweed but also tasting convenience in his mouth!

And now, I die die must also tell you why we I chose to feature seaweed (although Tao Kae Noi is from Thailand) of all our purchase at 7-Eleven. I always have an secret agenda. Tee hee hee. Koh loves Korea and always blabbering about this and that about Korea (because he has been there countless of times). I get super confused and sad. The closest I ever get to Korea is through Facebook photos (of my friends who went there for holiday), Google (because I google everything and anything) and Kopitiam ( for Korea food).

Koh also looks like a Korea boy.

Sucks to be me therefore, it will be really fantastic if I get to smell Korea's air for my own. It will be a bonus to be able to finally wear winter clothings and see snow for myself.

I can totally imagine myself at Dong Dae Mun, shopping to my heart's content.

Or having fun at Lotte World .

If Koh gets to come along too, we will have the best honeymoon at Jeju, Island Of  The 'Gods'.

And if I'm luckier x 1million, the space beside Psy, might be me!

Not too late to Oppa 7-Eleven style!

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