Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last one I promise

I tend to over share especially on this platform but it's not life without a little rant, a little drama. But this is the last one I promise.

Just so you know I don't regret what I've done. Not a single bit of remorse in me. Us going in our separate ways is inevitable. What you have done is what I could have forgive but never forget. However you know that that's not the main reason why this separation.

There were many things I cant stand but I did it anyway. There were many things I didn't need to take it in but I did it anyway. There were many things you could have done and react differently but you chose not to anyway. There were many things many many things. By the end of the day, we were just hanging by the thread.

Came across some 'inspirational' tumblr post and I decided to scroll down to read more. Bad decision, I say. A few of them made me want to hurl so bad. It actually reminds me of the things that I've stupidly done to keep us together. The relationship was at its dead end however I wasnt ready to give up.

Perhaps we grew old together too fast. We didn't slow it down and eventually we can't stand each others decisions. Rather, I can't stand yours. Your inability to put me first place when I needed you is unforgiveable. Because "to be there for me" was your first promise to me.

I am bitter at the fact that I was blind. I let you do things to me that I won't allow it on any of my girlfriends. There were so many times I could have walked away but you always held me back. You hug me and said you are sorry and tell me you will change it will never happen again. So when the day came that you didnt hug me to tell me it will all get better, I knew you were sick of all these shit. So was I to your empty promises and the lack of effort.

While I am glad we are no longer together, I am even happier that we could maintain a friendship instead. Afterall, you are my best friend I never knew I had. Your secrets are safe with me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do you enjoy?

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I enjoy 4G. Its makes everything not only faster but shiok-er. I hate it when Instagram dont work or twitter not refreshing itself properly. With 4G, I can now watch my videos without learning how to stutter or jam breaking. Whad. Up.

As you all know Celine just recently got my Certification in SEE Beginner Stage. She saw for herself how heavily dependent the deaf community are on mobile data. They cant talk so either they what'sapp or they facetime to sign to one another. WHICH IS EASILY DONE OVER 4G! No more lagging and distorted faces. No more unsent what'sapp. No more! NO MORE!

Featuring.... M1!
As a telcom that listens to your needs/wants, and a telcom that cares for every single one of its consumer is this is the telcom that gives you what you enjoy, and what you’ve always wanted. Join the Facebook contest - submit  your own videos, saying what you enjoy about 4G (from 15 Aug – 28 Aug). Participants will stand a chance to... WIN!

Here are the prizes: Fortnightly Winners – Participants whose videos gets featured will win: 

  • Week 1 and 2:  5 x HTC One
  • Week 3 and 4: 5 x Samsung Galaxy S4

Lucky Draw (Participants who had submitted videos that are approved and okay to qualify)
  • Week 1 and 2: 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Week 3 and 4: 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

You dont need to be a M1 consumer to join this contest. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS.... *drum rolls please*

1. Like M1’s Facebook page to get access to the app -

2. Individuals will then submit a video of himself/herself holding a card, on the card will be written text (clear and readable), saying out loud what they enjoy on 4G on either Facebook contest page, or Instagram 

3. By the end of each phase 5 winners will be selected, and their videos will be stitched together into 1 video. This will be uploaded onto the Facebook contest page 

4. Other than the 5 winners (for each phase), there will also be a lucky draw, for everyone who had submitted the video. Even if you’re one of the 5 winners, you will still stand a chance of winning in this lucky draw 5. 

& of course, how can we not submit one? PRIZES SO NAISE ONE. Must try to get one hopefully. 

After my boyf intro-ed me to One Piece, I became HOOKED onto it. Luffy has the most funniest reactions that no one can ever predict and my favouritest Tony Tony Chopper!! So cute and fluffy!! Brook is also damn lame. Zoro and Sanji has the funniest quarrels. Nami, always exasperated by Luffy, and Nico Robin who is always so calm and composed. Usopp! Finally toughened up. hehehe. And!! SSSSSUUUUPPPPEERRRRR Franky!! Supppppeerrrrr! ohmahgawd. I think I love One Piece. hahahaa

And thanks to 4G, I am now onto the latest part of Punk Hazard. No more videos giving me the omg-can-you-please-don't-jam-at-this-moment or st-st-st-stutt-stutt-stuttering videos.

You need a picture of me. Yes. You. DO!



Signing off,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just go je

Before, I was contented. Easily contented. Then I asked for the world. I ask for it to see it my way. After years, I came to a realisation that the world is round, I should be the one looking it at. There was so much to see and do but I was stuck with one view.
The decision to take a leap year from school that ended up to be 3 years was because I was blind. Blinded by what could have or should have been. I wasted time and youth.
If I wasn't what I was, I would have already been a degree holder and getting what I want within hands reach. However I couldn't get to you. I couldn't get inside your mind.
Sorry that this has all been a wasted trip to the moon and back. I apologise if I kept you on the hook or left you hanging. Mark my words, I will always be there for you rain or shine because that's what I think you would do for me too.
Should have, would have, could have.
On an annoying note, I ended work at 6pm today only to reach home close to 8pm. Now at 9.30, after a shower and some rest, Imma gonna have my dinner now. Things are different but I am getting used to it. We will go thru this. You and I both on our separate ways.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great News !

There is good news to be shared. Not only I think I am back (with a bang!), there is something I love for you to meet. No, its not that special someone who had swept me off my feet. I said it once and I am going to say it for the last time - there is no happily ever after.

I am pleased to announce that there is going to be a new additional to SSL! But before that, I went to National Day Parade (NDP) for the 8th time in the row. Fique abandon me although last year he surprised me. I am upset that we broke our tradition but I know he would have flew back from the UK if he could.

Bring my Fiq to NDP with me.

March in.. FAV FAV FAV PART OF NDP. Whats a parade without an awesome parade.

1, 21 guns

So beautiful Singapore

Its like everything just falls in place nicely

Pew pew pew!

The band made a heart

Graphics used this year are better than last year's

Bikers and breakers

Under one roof sofa too big for humans

We could take a lil trip around Singapore town 
in a Singapore city bus


Marks the end of this years NDP. Happy National Day, Singapore. You are 48 and still young and getting prettier every year with all these developments happening as tax payers pay more money each year. Although I dont fancy fireworks, its getting nicer with each passing year. Most of all, I love the actual parade. I get so emotional every time!

Right, enough of myself.. Here is the new addition:

Meet this someone who you will be seeing often. SSL has someone new to front it. This space will never have a dull moment unless its during exam period because she will be studying for it while I am teaching (not her of course. Does she look like she is in primary school? LOL)

We matching matching sia. Cheers to a better online sanctuary. Beginning of something old.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mid life crisis

A sign is all I need. I need a sign from the universe.

Turning 24 was no fun.

I've been stuck in a battle where unless someone sweeps me off my feet, there is no way I can get out of the battle field. That prince charming has to look like the one Cinderella met at the ball. And fairy tales do no exist.

All these while, it's a miracle I was hoping for, wishing for. That miracle happened. He's no prince charming and unlike the storybook, we are not going to live happily ever after.

Someone has finally swept me off my feet. It's not easy to do so but he did. He makes me gush like a 14 year old with his words; that missing ingredient in the broth koh and I were cooking.

That broth is now ruin. There is no way I alone can salvage it and there is no way I would want to salvage it alone. When it's broken and you have fixed it a million times, throw it away. The more you keep it, the harder it is to let go.

I wrote this "when you realise things arent working, throw away. the longer you keep it, the more attached you will be. this also applies to relationships." on facebook on the 29th of January. It took me 8 months to to practice what I preach and because I was that attached.

Now that I know I do have market value if I just take the stupid leap of faith, there is no need for me to harp over spilt milk or the what ifs. With that, I no longer need anyone to sweep or mop me. I am on my own and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dont say I never warn you ah

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Noel has been a really good and personal friend of mine ever since Xin Wang event last year. Wait, no. I met him then but we hit it off when we went to Bintan the next day. So when Noel texted me and told me about his show, I left the FTV fashion show earlier and went down to Clark Quay for the media release of..

Ghost files Singapore, in short, GFS, is a ten episode paranormal web television series made in Singapore for people like us who believe they exist but don't have the proof that they do. Noel Boyd, Jocelyn Teo, Joel Liew and a few other guest investigators such as social media personality Billy Chong and musicians Jack and Rai, went to the most haunted locations in Singapore.. just for us.

One day, Koh and I decided to head to Gillman's Barracks 'cause he had the car and I was bored and hungry. We decided to plank our ass down at timbre because I've never been to that much talk about place. Jack and Rai were the band for the night. I was in love with them after their rendition of "Ho Hey".

I know, I shouldnt sidetrack but can I show you photos of myself first. Thanks ah.

Must take more photos with him. 'Cause I think I am the mother of all suayness. Every time we plan to meet, something will happen to him. Either I am a jinx or we just not fated to meet.

 But since we meet, SPAM ALL THE PHOTOS. Actually only got two.

Here with the darling Stephanie. I look terrible but shes always gorgeous. *jelly.

Group photo. I think we fail at trying. 

Okay, so I was saying... Ghost Files Singapore. You want to know if its bluff one or not right. While I am sure Noel won't lie to me, I am almost certain that equipments dont lie too afterall a picture tells a thousand words, what can videos tell you? Let me just show you a little show of the upcoming show. No, I am not going to post it here to scare myself shit in the middle of the night when I am feeling narcissistic and reading my blog for the umpteen time. Here, you click on the link yourself. Dont dare right...

What you can do is gather a group of non judgmental friends and watch the show together when it premires on 9th AUGUST 2013. THATS RIGHT. NATIONAL DAY HOLIDAY. STAY HOME AND WATCH THE SERIES AFTER THE FIREWORKS AT 10PM!

So dont say I never warn you. Keep yourself updated: