Monday, May 21, 2012

Everyone around me (meaning my facebook) are getting hitched. I can't help to be a sour grape about it. I WANT TO GET MARRIED TOO but I know I do not have the moolah to do so.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Eugene's failed attempt to be Tiger Woods.

is this normal?

Blogger stats states that I had 4k views yesterday. That means yesterday itself I had 4k views. The rest of the week don't matter.
Nuffnang (the advertising company that I am with) shows me that in a week, I have 4k views on my blog. Again, that is for the week.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Britney Spears on X Factor!

Thanks to a little blue bird, Issac Ritz, I can catch up with daily Hollywood Celebrities gossips/news!

I am excited for Britney Spears to be a judge on X Factor! Pretty sure there will be tons of sparks between Simon and her but BRITNEY SPEARS GONNA BE ON TV EVERY WEEK!

There is no way I am able to contain my happiness now. I love Britney and had been a fan since primary school. No matter what nonsense she gets herself into, I adore her and her music which to you might not be music at all. Bear in mind, beauty in the eyes of the beholder.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where my homies at?

I blog for myself.

Although, yes, sometimes it feels good I have readers. I call them my listeners. Listeners who listen (in this case, read) my rants. I rant alot. Alot more than a 20-something year old should. I mean, I have not gone through any major life crisis that needed me to sell my house or not ponder on if I can handle another baby on the way with 3 kids in hand.

With a sigh, I released my relief. Knowing that I am merely 20-something, I can still make mistakes and people will still forgive me. At the same time, knowing that I am 20-something, I ought to make something outta myself. I cant possibly live life by the day, not have huge amount saved and have my parents worry about me when they still have 3 kids to worry for.

I am at a point where I have a job, money is coming (albeit not as much), there are greener pastures (but I am tied down currently with a contract), my bf loves me (although yes we have tiffs more often than any other normal couples out there) and friends who are there for me (for different occasions).

And I dont know what or why am I unhappy still. Definitely, I am not contented with the way things were and I have no fucking clue as to how to curb this fear/feeling/emtion. Rather, I have no fucking idea how to be more contented. Sometimes, like Izz, I'd like to flop myself on the ground and talk to the leaves.

Am I less carefree as I was before because I am 20-something? Is it because I am older now that I want more things in life? I dont even know what I want! Wait, am I even doing what I love now? Oh damn it, I took back my sigh. No relief was released.