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Genting with Nuffies


I need a holiday. All the time. And thanks to Nuffnang, before I knew, I was on a road trip with some other bloggers. Good timing too; after PSLE, before SA2. Of course, needless to say, we went up to Genting. If you are an avid reader, you would have knew it!

Prior the trip, I knew Tiffany Wong, Ann, Amanda and Clarence Chan will be going too. What luck to be going on another trip with my favourite HomeBloggers. We were arranging how to get our asses to Golden Mile at 6am on a Saturday. Thanks to my ever so loving dad we managed to picked everyone BUT Ann up. All of us spammed her since 4am. She finally answered my call at 6.20am and although we already in the coach at the hour, she rushed down and made it!

Wait, let me just cut to the chase and start the entry when we already stamped passport, urined, alighted at Yong Peng for a quick bite, urined again, went round and round up the hill where we finally reached our destination:

Genting. Highlands. Genting Highlands. City of Entertainment.

Genting Highlands, otherwise known as Resort World Genting, is a hill resort in Malaysia, developed by the nice people at Genting Group. The man behind the genius idea of Genting is none other than the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. It all happened when he was on a business trip to Cameron Highlands in 1964.

It was about 1.30pm where we arroved at the lobby of First World Hotel.

Our humble luggages

Our humble faces while waiting

I wasn't famished but excited to see what was in stored for us in the restaurant we are supposed to lunch in. I never knew Genting had restaurants  Well, that prolly is because I am always stuck in the casino and eating off my points. Oh, I got upgraded to a Silver membership on this trip. Maybe because Silver Ang was my roomie so I had good roomie and good fortune.

Making our way up!

Oh hello there chio bu

Reached the restaurant - Restoran Good Friends. 

I want to meet this Sifu 

Lunch Menu looks good .

Garlic! I finished half of it. No one else touch the garlic.

Dish 1: Soup. I am canto. Canto eats all the ingredients one so I was very taken aback by the amount I have in my soup. And no, I didnt touch the ingredients in the end because there was simply

First time I complain more ingredients than soup. But everyone happily enjoying their soup. Staff forgot to give pepper so I asked for it .

Sitting with familiar and unfamiliar faces! 

Tofu with Mushroom. I whacked the prawns because I cant eat mushrooms. The tofu was okay.

My most dreaded dish. I cant eat steam chicken too so I cant food taste this =[

Everyone praised this dish. It was the only dish that went back to the kitchen empty except for the sauce. We forgot to try it because the ribs are good on its own.

I dont know how to make this fish look appetising.  I personally love fish so after requesting the staff to cut it for us, I had 2 plates of it. Its a little salty for my liking thou.

Finally, some vegetable in action. I love asparagus.

Stuffing our faces with food.

Desert! We (Jowey Kong and I) thought that its the salted biscuit thing - Tambun Biscuit.

Tau Sar Piah

Its not lor. Its Kaya! And, at this moment, we realised we are somehow linked to Kaya, the fat beauty queen.

Second Desert. It was so delicious, we drank it like a Sir instead of scooping like a lady.

 After Lunch, it was free and easy time however, we need to place our luggage nicely in our rooms. Nuffnang had already sorted our rooms out and this time (unlike KL trip which I havent blog about yet where we swop around and found our suitable roomie. Hi Sara! I miss you!) most of us stuck with the roomies we were given. I was supposed to room with Tiffany (gentlemen's agreement thru wapp) but it was only a one night thing and I am not expecting myself to return back to the hotel till very very late. I dont want her to be alone. Luckily, my room was shared with 2 others. The only room that is slightly bigger and with an additional bed.

Our mystery 3rd person is not there at genting yet (prolly overslept and making her way on her own) so Silver Ang and I took the liberty to choose the non-made shift beds.

The Ladies .

Before we went up to our respective rooms, we made arrangement to meet downstairs at 4.30pm. However, Clarence Chan came up to my room with shorts and slippers. Then, we discuss about how we might go straight to the dinner restaurant which had strict dress code (no shorts, no slippers) after free and easy. We went up to Clarence Chan's room so that he can change. Of course, time was running out.

AHAHAHAHHAAHA. I know for a fact that I long time never post photos on my blog, but when I do, I post camwhore shots of me and I buay tahan (cannot take it) must laugh at myself.

My man of the hour.

Supposingly outfit of the day. Then I regretted wearing boots. More on that later.

We obviously missed the bunch. We looked for them up and down the lobby then decide to just walk around and find them. Of course, Genting not say very small and there were crowds of people. How to find!

Street performance  - Swallowing balloon. You cant see it because its in his stomach already. 

There? Where?


Clarence Chan and I decided to head to the casino. That's what I wanted to do in Genting anyway. Its the only casino in the whole of Malaysia. I had to make new cards because I misplaced mine and apparently you can't use Resorts World Singapore one here.

Here's where I hate my boots. They are heavy and I tripped and I fell. If you follow me on Instagram (@robotgranny . Follow me! I follow back! ) , you will have seen my boo boo and how I made Koh miss it over FaceTime (because he is in Bangkok currently).  Ya, I change 3GS to iPhone 4. Its an upgrade for me okay since Ive been very loyal to 3GS for 4 years.

No photos in the casino but I can google them for you. Lets just say after my fall, i was on a roll.

We played the slot machines first where I won 20rm and Clarence Chan doubled his capital.

Then we moved on to find a table game and settled for Big Small where I x6 of my capital. We decided to call it a day (because it was nearly night) and look for the rest while walking around.


I always want to have someone draw me like this. Because it is a touristy thing to do, I dont dare ask the price.

So meanwhile, lights. Lights everywhere.

And I mean, really everywhere .

I couldnt resist!

We walked around Adidas (regret not buying Koh the shorts now I've abundance of Ringgit and I think changing back to Sg, will make me lose abit of dollar.) and finally found them at Sasa, buying masks. It was cheap but I dont do mask (in fact, I dont know how) so I got myself makeup remover by Biore. The one at Koh's home is finishing. Even when I buy mask, I make Koh use it. He more vain than me one lor on a normal basis.

Same walk way to dinner

Ming Ren Restaurant . Specialty? Lamb.

It is located next to our lunch restaurant .

I want a display like that too at home. But it will collect dust.


Pentax oh Pentax. How I love thee. I am sorry I didnt read the manual and then start using you cause till today, I haven't fully understand you. 

At this point, the rest of the table asking if Clarence Chan and I are a couple as we looked very close. I told them we were a couple for 3 days. Then he broke up with me over Facebook #truestory  Clarence said that we are just complicated.

Standard Menu photo

Tea for one. This tea helped me in times of danger. More about that later.  

Soup. Luckily this time, I can eat all the ingredients give and be a true blue canto.

Fish with Teriyaki sauce. Once again, I love Fish so I am very thankful for this dish.

Their rice. My rice. With Garlic.

More vegetable! This time with expensive scallop. It was gone before the vegetables.

Curry Lamb that was spicy at first try because I didnt think it will be spicy.

Clarence and mine favourite long beans. We finished everything after everyone was done taking their share.

Fried chicken with chilli flakes. Koh sure like this dish one. The chicken is damn delish!

Wasabi prawns that I cannot eat. Peishi said that you cannot taste the wasabi so I tried. Then the tea came in handy. I dont like the taste/smell of wasabi at all (like how I dont like coffee) and funny thing is, I tried once and it didnt get into my nose .

Lamb.  After eating the juicy chicken, this was a lil too dry for my liking.

But the prawns seems like the hot favourite! We were overstuffed and couldnt stuff in anymore.

But wait, there is still desert. Cookie warned us beforehand that this ice cream is made out of minced lamb meat. I nearly choked and not excited at all. When it finally came, I took a lick and reached out for the tea (again).

I was very curious as to what other desert they will serve if people dont order their specialty lamb ice cream. Therefore, being me, I told the waiter that I am pregnant and I cannot take lamb. You know who pregnant ladies got weird cravings and certain food items put them off? Yea, that was what I was going for.

Their service was superb! The waiter immediately changed my desert to a minty one. I shared with everyone because not many of them fancied the lamb ice cream and also because I am very nice and dont want them to let the cat out of the bag that I am actually not pregnant. So Pakcik, if you are reading this, saya mintak maaf.

My minty pudding

After dinner, we have our free and easy time again. Jonathan, Clarence and I headed to the casino which was just above the restaurant while the others went to sing K. Jonathan and I discussed the probabilities and then we ended up watching the poker table. He got confused with the game and despite how hard Clarence and I explained to him, it still confuses him. I get it. You really have to play the game in order to understand the game.

We went on our separate ways and I got back only at 4am with pockets full of cash. Some Indian guy in the casino asked me "how much". How much your bloody Indian head. I was so scared he will follow me and I dont want to get robbed but EVERYONE ELSE WAS ASLEEP. 

The next day, I didnt wake up for breakfast. Silver Ang slapped my butt awake at 9.33am 15 minutes after she woke up. She is so considerate. Let me sleep for another 15 minutes while she get ready. I swear when i jolted up, I thought fire.

Our lonely soul up to Snowworld while the rest left us to go there first.

Snow World Snow Fun 

queueing up to get our jackets, gloves and boots.


No I kid. While they were taking group photos, I went back to the counter and asked for another pair of gloves and a jacket. All in all, I wore 2 pairs of gloves and 3 jackets.

My Favourite Homeboy Clarence Chan

Group Photo that I rushed to. See I am still holding on to another jacket.

Negative 6 degrees here we come.

Very cold but managed to force a smile while waiting for Nuffies to group us for our games. Note: Normally Cameras are not allowed into the snow area. Why? Your camera flogged damn badly once you exit. Condensation, yo.

Our Tasks

Find someone to kiss you and at the same time take photo of a kid. Kill two birds with one stone.

Take a photo with someone who wears glasses. I pulled him away from another group. Sorry.

Find someone to piggy back you and at the same time a crew member. Kill another two birds with one stone.

Wasted didnt get to try this slide. 

We also had to find this stress ball. My group managed to only find one. Thanks to m.

More information

We went back to the hotel and packed our bags. Headed to the Cafe Lobby for lunch before we leave to head back to Singapore.



The rest of the 6 hours back to Singapore consisted of Silver and I talking and talking and talking and talking. Then, we found out that we are both Gemini (no wonder can talk for so long) and we have tons of common topic.

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