Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi, today is my first time having school on a bloody Sunday. It's shit because I've school from Monday to Sunday. It's shitter because the lecturer gives us assignments on Saturday to be completed on Sunday. What's the shittest is it's the weekends; no more party-ing like a dog and having hangover.

I had too much to drink at work on Friday and went to school with a slight hangover on Saturday. Last night I had awesome fun with primary school friends and came back only at 4 to complete 50% of the assignments. I'm so dead.

What's new is I lost my touch on journalism and it's not funny because it's newscasting class this week. Sucks to be me.

End of weekends rants. Bye.


O Arrow said...

Ugh, I hate classes on weekends! Good luck to you. I'm on summer break for now but soon my schedule will be stupid again, so I totally relate!

Robotgranny said...

O arrow, i cant wait for this coming week to be over.

Tal said...

School on a Sunday? I've never heard of such a thing before. I'm so sorry!

~TallysTreasury from swap-bot

Trulyana said...

What an interesting schedule. Why do you have school on sunday too, if I may ask? Kind regards-Ana Goncalves, swapbot-blog me baby

Robotgranny said...

Trulyana, my electives are held on the weekends =[