Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hafiz's Wedding at Hotel Re!

Koh and I attended my friend's wedding. Our first wedding we go together alone as a couple! Really, it surprises me that we still have first times whenever we have our first times.

First march in.

The food is so-so. Its not inedible but for a hotel such as Hotel Re!, I expected the food to be tastier than this. Service was terrible too! The waiter was rude and he made me wait sooo long for wine! Maybe, after all the goodies at Genting, Xin Wang and Bintan, my tastebuds have become very atas.

2nd March in.

Yam Seng!

I am so glad to finally meet the man of my Kak Rohana and of course, shes getting married next year! So is Mat Noor! Amy Cheong, sorry but Malay has the best weddings; good food! Had such a exhausting talk with Kak Nad ('cause I was losing my voice. I really lost it the next day) about a certain someone. I miss talking to her and having her cover my ass all the time. Life is such.

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