Monday, April 25, 2011

deleted the previous post.

really dnt want to hurt anyone.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Strangers, again.


I sincerely hope Koh and I will remains as friends even if Life separates us. We are at the comfortable stage, obviously but not so much of tolerance yet.

Photoshop fails 101

I havent done this in a long time but I enjoy laughing at these photoshop fails. Hope you enjoy the same humour! LOL. Here was my first entry on photoshop fails : Click.

Monday, April 18, 2011

In your opinion, what should be your priority in your future gf/bf, is it Looks? or Personality?

In my opinion, I am with the best one already. This one is my future.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

What is the coolest gift you have received? and if possible from who?

I must say all my robot figurines. My first one was from Koh, followed by Kak Tan, Imran and Amal. My 3rd one was also from Koh. Funny thing is Marshall and Lily (HIMYM) has the exactly same one in their room! And all the other robot nicknacks like robot fan ( from koh), robot necklace (from Alex), robot t-shirts (from Rashmi). I love robots so they are the coolest. And I love that rubber duckie Cheryl and Aza got me for my 17th birthday.

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What will you do the first thing you do,if you wake up from bed and realize your sex has been changed.

Id watch "The Hot Chick" and follow exactly.

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Now, If you had a upper hand to confess to a girl/guy you like/love, how would you do it? and why?

Dude, I am the most hopeless romantic around and secretly wish I am a guy. Id do anything the drama says its right.

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If you had a dream date, how would it be like?

Id be in a flower-y flow-y dress, au natural makeup with red lipstick, brightly painted nails and a flower in my hair. Maybe I'd top it off with a pair of wedge. But that will not be necessary since my dream date is to roll in the grass, feeling carefree and nothing else mattered.

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What's your favorite TV show from the 1990s?

I tell you whats not "Days of our lives".

Okay, I was a kid and Internet wasnt that accessible so it'd be a channel 8 drama that you never heard of.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My little happiness

Pardon the lack of entries and updates on Tumblr. I started working (yes, even before I officially graduate. I kiasu like that). I cant stand the idea of bumping around at home, looking for a job. I like to do things fast. I mean, its confirm I need to work after the diploma so why wait?

After snooping around, going for interviews for customer service, admin assistant, receptionist and teaching, I finally decide that I want to teach because it is not stagnant and its enriching. My kids are wonderful and I love them!

My afternoon class of P1.
Half of my morning class.

Reason why we gain weight after leaving primary school.

My k2 and his brother.

They are my motivation to go to work every morning and even if I OT, I gladly stay just so that everyone can be on the same pace the next day. For now, its 5 day work week and I am already looking forward to teachers day!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tact, with or without

So I've been told that I have no tact and I speak my mind without, you know, thinking if it will hurt anyone's feeling. Tact is not something that I can learn overnight if it wasnt cultivated since young. Its something that I cannot feel because whatever comes out from my mouth, I am perfectly fine if its being said to me.

Im not trying to be all-so-arrogant and stuff but sometimes, I just need to be told on exactly what I shouldnt say. I like to speak my mind. Since young, my teachers' remarks will always be "outspoken" and/or "talkative". I do talk alot and one thing can lead to another.

But I really had no idea I was outspoken. From the bottom of my heart, I speak at will and its not that I dont care about anyone's feeling butI like to be direct and will like people to be direct with me.

You know, karma? I always thought that if I am direct to people, people will be direct to me too. I hate talking about someone behind their back but well, face it, everyone does it.

SSL was created because I couldnt stand labels. I was called a "controlling bitch" because people didnt get their facts right.

True that not alot of people can take my attitude. I thank the one upstairs for my friends and my friends for tolerating the attitude that not everyone fancies. But back to the topic, how do I know if I am speaking tactfully or not. I supposed I wasnt taught tact and I could speak freely in my own house.

I am stupid. I can never be a people please. Not that I want to be but itd be nice to know what is on everyone mind. WHAT EXACTLY IS TACT. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO ABOUT SPEAKING WITH TACT? Like what Ive said, whatever that comes out from my mouth is whatever I dont mind being said to me. I honestly dont feel how I offended anyone.

That's why I prefer hanging with the boys. They understand it when you tell them that you speak your mind, is straightforward and direct. In fact, I secretly think boys like girls who are like that (plus demure lah).

The only reason why I am blogging about this is: I AM ABOUT TO BE A MISS CELINE (GO FIGURE ). WHAT UP. According to Teck, I hang with chewren.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear you |||

Photo credits to: AA

My best friend, Cheryl, lost her Chinchilla, Chewie, yesterday. It was a very unfortunate accident and she is still recovering from the passing of Chewie. Now, she is doubting her abilities of a pet owner.

Let's all pray for Cheryl's recovery of the shock and Chewie's way to heaven.

p/s: This is not an April's Fool joke. For more information, please visit Extend your help in any way possible. Thanks.