Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween - Adventure time!

I was Princess Bubblegum. Koh is my Finn. We (partially) made our costumes this year, unlike any other years. Koh had this crazy idea of a couple outfit and TA-DA! This is our creation for the Halloween picnic/movie by the highway by EVENTBITES! on Friday, 26th October 2012.

Make up done. outfit on. I am missing things still.

There we go. 

I was kinda afraid that I might get mistaken as Nicki Minaj or Xiaxue. 

Nicki in Super Bass.


You really dont have to be scary on Halloween. Unless you show me evidence, I will not believe. Even Gwen Stefani was a Princess.

Anyway, I only went as a scary person once in my entire life of enjoying Halloween and guess what, I couldnt gain free entry that one time I decided to blend in with the crowd. coughzoukcough

Here's my "sidekick", Finn.

Koh really looks like a sperm.

Halloween couple style.

Sidetrack: the next day, we were at clark quay and thank you for those who recognized our getup and request a photo with us. It made my day. Thank you those who didnt snap a photo with us but shouted "adventure time!" and hide away. Thank you to that one China man who said :" 阿宝 和 泡泡公主!"

Now I know what we are in Mandarin.

We, of course, hung out w scary people. Thanks Silver Ang (our new name for her) for the invite. Of course I cannot be without my #sibling (wtfdidiusehashtagfor) Clarence Chan from Wilddragonchase.

I promise real pictures real soon xoxo Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 26, 2012


.. scares me.

I teach Mandarin too but the really basic ones.

Because I speak with an horrible weird accent.

I didnt used to be scared of the language. As a Gemini, we embrace languages. I also remember how I got 80/80 once in primary 2 and my friend said I cheated -.-" Then, the language got harder and harder. Even though my method was to memorized the entire 华文词语手册 (ci yu shou ce) weeks before my Mother Tongue Examination, the language started to scare me.

Its like there are more and more words introduced to me in a span of seconds and these words were not in my 手册 or my textbook. I felt like I was in a maze and these words are chasing and I need to find a way out. It was in Secondary School where I began to shun the subject.

I cry while doing worksheets/workbook in every Mother Tongue lesson. I cry while doing my exam. As I advance into another level of Secondary School, I started to punch (toilet) walls. I was fucking frustrated at the language; at how I couldn't read those characters.

Soon, I lost all interest in this beautiful language. I picked up Malay instead. It was not a bad idea considering we were encouraged to be bilingual however, it made it harder for me to blend in with the Chinese. My Hanyu Pinying is still very strong (as it is English based) but I still get frustrated when comes to reading and writing.

Sometimes, I cant believe I made it thru Secondary School. I only gave up and took Chinese Language Basic (CLB aka Chinese Language for Bodohs) for O levels. I dont know where I stand. CLB was too easy but the GCE was too tough. I know my teacher was disappointed that I want to drop Mandarin. Mdm Peng, 對不起.

Now, whenever I kbox, I try to sing Mandarin songs. Most of it were already memorized by me beforehand, some I just "lala" over, others I just sing with the Analog on. Dont get me wrong, if Koh and I were together alone singing, I usually will pull a sibei angry face and throw the mic on the sofa when I get frustrated with not being able to read the words. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO USE THE NON SIMPLIFIED VERSION OF MANDARIN, runs through my head all. the. time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The sun

Not sure where my life is heading towards. I wish I am the sun. So definite and fixed. Definite shape, definite size. Fixed rising and setting direction.

I like what I am doing now. I am always the kind who like to work their brains, whether or not is to take in new information or release the old ones. But apart of me know what this is not what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. I want to be something bigger than what I am now.

Despite this, I hate that I am missing out on quality time with people I love. When I am awake, people already having lunch. When I am working, others already having dinner with their whoever or watching tv at the comfort of their homes or out somewhere to.. You get my drift.

Sometimes, I don't have the time to eat. I spend so much time on the roads, it's not even funny. I get home at 11 to have my dinner after a whole 8hours outside without any food, not even any funnier.

I am typing this while watching a 10 year old writing a composition about a random man running towards his direction. Even the paper 1 questions that I come out with now are -yes you guessed it- not even funny.

I waiting for my big break. For something big to happen. I want to be in a place where I can shine. But meanwhile, I am not going to sit and wait for the apple to drop and declare that there is gravity.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Official launch of Mozaic Ferry Lines, Bintan Lagoon Resort's exclusive direct ferry service with

Ahh, familiar faces.

Siblings Clarence and I with Buayasg aka Jonathan.

Long lost sistahood, Silver Ang! We had reunited!

Nah, for the green-eyed monster. Give you another Clarence-chan photo.

Ever been to Bintan Lagoon Resorts? For those who said no, neither have I and truthfully we have been missing out on a slice of sweet beach paradise. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to travel alongside the Nuffies and special thanks to Mozaic Hotels for their warm, generous hospitality.

We departed from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 1.45pm. Because of Bintan Lagoon Resort's exclusive direct ferry service, it only took us 75 minutes to reach Bintan Lagoon Resort without any need to transfer or go on any land transport to get to the resort. Upon arrival we are welcomed with song and dance. Special appearance of cartoon characters was quite delightful

We were allowed to bring a plus one so needless to say, Koh is my other, better half.

Siblings, Clarence and I.

I was quite intimidated by the rows of smiling faces, which I must add that you dont see this anywhere in Singapore.

Instant access to clear immigration

We checked in to our rooms at the lovely resort and even though I wanted to just simply lie on my bed and admire my lovely room, I needed to get ready to attend the press conference held at Rice, a beautiful beachfront bar facing the beach. Bintan Lagoon Resorts is accredited with an LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which basically means for all you nature-lovers and tree-huggers that the resort uses energy-saving strategies, pollution reduction plans and efficient resource utilization whilst functioning as a world-class beach resort.

Captain planet he's our hero~!

RICE, a beachfront bar and restaurant 

The press conference was at the 2nd level of RICE featuring the integration of Journeyful and Moziac hotels showcasing the use of social media and travel agency booking platforms for easy booking of your next holiday. There was also a scrumptious spread of appetizers specially prepared for the guests.

Fastest fingers first!


I have to inject about their service at Bintan Lagoon Resort. It is beyond expectation. Everywhere you go, they give you cold towel to like cool yourself down. How thoughtful especially for people like Koh who, really can perspire everywhere.

And they will never say 'No' to any of your request. Please dont think dirty at this point of time. What I really meant was their customer service.

Sexy Jezreel Tan from Journeyful 

Mr Robert Ramey, Managing Director of Mozaic Hotels and Resorts

The press conference was unlike any other ! It was short and sweet probably my favourite kind of conference. We were given a tour around the resort, visiting the beautiful villas, golf courses and various recreational activities that were available to the guests of Bintan Lagoon Resort. The highlight of the leisure centre in my opinion was the laser tag arena, that's right you heard me LASER TAG ! 


Your own private villa with private pool and furnishing for the price of 800k SGD where as in Singapore you might be able to afford a 5-room flat at Tampines. 

It is dark and full of surprises inside ! find out more when you visit Bintan Lagoon Resort !

Me and Mr.Robert , he loves golf ! 

The Ferrari of golf buggies 

Once we were done with the tour, we headed for dinner at the open space near the beach where a grand and splendid banquet is held for the guests. The dinner was held in front of the beach with a breath-taking view of the sunset and open skies nothing like that can compare to the urban lifestyles I am so familiar with. At night, I even had a chance to light up a sky lantern ! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Me and the gorgeous Miss Silver Ang  we met before on previous events and it is always a pleasure to have her at any social gatherings. My Sistahood.

Sincerely friendly and helpful staff of Bintan Lagoon Resorts.

Meet Noel's Leg, Noel is a friend and tattoo enthusiast. He has an Angry Bird tattooed on his knee !
Now he has 2 Angry birds. *ba dum tss* 

Koh wrote 'Ah mah take care of me and family up there, I love you'

I wrote more stuff ! find out if you happen to see my lantern in the skies. Basically, I scribbled alot of "I want Koh to marry me."

After the dinner we were escorted back to the main resort and into Silk, the resort's nightclub and popular watering-hole. Inside, It was almost as if we stepped into a posh club with modern decor and heart-pounding music. There was also live entertainment such as live bands and belly dancers. We had so many colorful cocktails and shots, everyone was having a good time !

Opp Opp Oppa Gungn... Okay you know the rest right?

I don't think i have ever seen a bottle of Bombay that big before have you?
Clarence with his "date rape" drink.It was so strong !

Me and Randy, He has huge eyes 

Me with Yu Hao, he looks rosy probably because of B-52 shots we had.
Me and Wilsurn, I know, strange spelling but very much fun and spontaneous 

Yu Hao:"1,2,3 look at the camera !" 
Me:"Is that a bottle of champagne? I WANT !"

We went back at 2am in the morning feeling very much satisfied with drinks courtesy of Bintan Lagoon resort. The next morning, me and Koh woke up at around 9 for a fun-filled day ahead. We kicked off the day by going for breakfast buffet at the hotel followed by renting of electronic bikes to get around the island easily which was actually a good call as it began to rain in the afternoon.

The weather was lovely in the morning, not blazing hot but just slightly cloudy to make it a fine day. We walked to the leisure centre and rented our bikes and off we go !

It felt almost like this...


I tried the water activities such as the Banana Boat and Flying Fish. It was thrilling ! 

Suitable for almost anyone as the staff there is very attentive and when it comes to guests safety, 
it is top-priority.  


That is the Flying Fish. I won't spoil it for you on how to ride it so go to Bintan Lagoon Resort to know how!

Friendly sun-kissed staff chilling at the shack ever ready to rescue a guest in distress Baywatch style

At about 130pm it started to drizzle so Me, Koh and Clarence headed back to return our bikes and proceeded to have lunch. We went to RICE again as It appealed most to me and also because it has a beachfront bar so you can dine in your swimwear.

We met up with Buaya and HP so had lunch together.

Calamari taste fresh ! 

Caesar salad

Popular Lagoon Burger with emmental cheese. Koh's favourite kind of food

Highly recommended ! Scallop Tapas !

And now, for the desserts.

It was a exhilarating weekend indeed! If you love to escape from the hustling and bustling of urban city-life and arrive in a beach paradise surrounding serenity

Head on down to  Bintan Lagoon Resort !  

Shiok faces !

p/s: Koh has his own inputs on this trip as well. This entry is 70% done by him. For modeling enquiries (Koh, not me - although also can if you want fat chicken pig), please email to