Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Of rants and eye rollings

As a forever-misunderstood 20-something year old, I really don't give any hoots about what people think of me. Lets just say, I lived in a bubble wrap. But I am very much contented with my bubble wrap. I don't need to bling it, I don't need to install a surround sound.

As I grow older, my bubble wrap walls became thinner, I slowly accept comments that enlightens me, that changed me to a slightly more tolerable kid. I wasn't exactly likable either was I unlikable. We just need to sync in order to get along.

For you to read till this far, I think I should reward you.

I hate how in Singapore, bloggers are not as tight as bloggers from other countries. I have witness for myself the blog fights and I have been in one myself and obviously, I "won".

Sure there are times you can't get along/see eye to eye but that doesn't mean you can't confront them face to face. Is there really a need to be a keyboard warrior and blogbitch/ tweetbitch about so-and-so? I do complain, bitch and gossip with my fellow blogging friends. However, I sure as hell, don't always blogbitch. I did it once and that's about it.

// By the way, if you cannot stand me and Clarence being siblings close right, then close your slit eyes. No one ask you to see us together. I really dont know how people deem "close". We always hang out at events, I get it. It is really because I am very comfortable with him. We dont hold slumber parties, throw pillows then cry to each other, while pouring our soul and secrets. To top it off, if we were at an event with other bloggers whom we know, we also go say "hi" or sit with them what. Whats your problem, bitch? You jealous?  //

Rants. Ranting. Part and parcel of life. // I did it here because she did it on her twitter that she thought I won't be able to see just because she blocked me since 6 months back?// If you were good friends before, why can't you just speak directly to that party? My question is and always have been, why is there a need to be so uptight?

Take the recent Amy Cheong for an example. If you are not one of those "poor" Malay that she was referring to, why do you even bother and stood to her level? Do you know while you are defending your race, you are also acting like her; demeaning the other races?

Really, do you really have to be so uptight? Can't we all just live peacefully the way we all were before this saga and cultivate a freedom of speech in this society. Yes, in my honest opinion, this is what we lack of: freedom of speech.

Every single fucking (opps. are you gonna defame me now?) thing said, be it in a fit of anger or blahblahblah, seem to always has to be something against one or another. Why can't be like "Iya, she don't know then we correct her and let her live." I believe one is old enough to know what's right and wrong, not cause her to lose her job/dignity for something she obvious lack of education in.

Trust me, I know people who are even more narrow minded than her. Me? I'm just simple minded. Not because she isn't talking about the Chinese.

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