Saturday, September 29, 2012

On the way to genting w bloggers!

Yes as I type we are on a road trip.

Clockwise : Tiffany, Xueling, me and Amanda.

Of course cannot forget my Clarence!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I almost died

A month back.. yes I know I always do this. Its like the commotion has died out and then, I decide to like blog about it.

So I went to Metric Live in July. Oh what fun! Emily Haines was not only smoking hot but the entire set sounded EXACTLY like the album. Nope, there was NO lip-sync. Just pure goodness in her voice.

Wait there is more!

HER VOICE IS PURE NUTELLA GOODNESS. I cannot believe how awesome my pentax camera can take videos like this.

Help I am alive.

Gimme Sympathy

Wait Whut?

Thank you, IssacRitz for sharing. I didnt know it was... small.

Zac Afro, for goodness sake, you are white!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Issac Ritz

Says he wants me to update so here it is. Maybe put his name here then I can jump on his readership . Nonetheless here's also some of my pretty face.

I recently attended my secondary school friend's wedding. I love Malay weddings cause I think baju kurongs are very elegant .

True to be told, I also want to kahwin . When will it be my turn ! * insert the saddest face ever *

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prive Clinic

^^ Paid Ad

 Come to think of it, Botox has never come to my mind. But I am glad that Nuffnang invited me to an exclusive event where bloggers get to learn more about botox and 2 of the lucky bloggers get to be in the live demo! I learnt so much more!

Dr Karen performing the live demo. The results are immediate!

Here's Valerie, Miss Singapore, preparing to get injected.

Wait for itt...

Happy with the results!

At Prive Clinic, you will learn more about Facial Re-contouring such as the difference between botox and fillers, lift and volume, achieving the ideal heart-shaped face effect.

Products used! These are temporary. After like a few months, it will wear off.

Questions and answers from the audience. The usual questions are "does it hurt?" "how do you feel?" etc. Its not painful at all if you use the numbing cream about 10 minutes before the injection. If you dont, fret not, pain is like an ant's bite.

Live demo number 1.

 Comparing her chin.

Add in a quick camwhore. No make up, no photoshop, no filter.

Wondering what she is in for.

the process!

Comparing the after!

 Sneak in a goodie bag shot!

The difference amazed all the audience. Enhances your face immediately so you can go party the night. Because of the numbing cream, she didnt feel anything.

Demo number 2.

Koh says Ive the talent to take really ugly shots of people. Oh, those are just numbing cream.

Shes gonna be doing the nose!

In it goes!

The effect is immediate! Many comment her nose look very angmoh after the injection.

Next, her chin! Comparing the before.

Koh is damn straight. I think I do really only take unglam shots of others. Im sorry.

Comparing the after!

Staff did some explaining and then questions and answers starts. There is no age limit for this. You do need parental consent if you are not legal yet! I wish one of the live demo was a guy (not my bf thou). Just to see things from their point of view.

I dont think id ever do botox or go plastic. I am very happy with myself. Just the occasional "omgimfat" stuff girls say. Despite it being enhancing what God created, I think I should just stick to God's creation. Besides, I am scared of needles. I have to thank God for the partner I have who love me the way I am.

And I got to say a big Thank You to Jayne from Nuffnang. Forever looking out for me and never fail to put a smile on her own face. So cute and bubbly and I just wanna cuddle her (but I shy)!