Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicole Lin should...

..go for this if she wants something funky.

..go for this because she can show off her shoulders after so long.

… actually this one is more for me and April Kong.

..go for this because her face is oval.

…go for this if dont want too short a hair.

…go for this because I think its nice.

Today, in quotes

I reblogged from runawaytrain and commented on it on october 7th 2009 in tumblr.

“ You say girls are confusing? Nice try. Girls are the easiest to understand. We want love. We want trust. We want everything most guys lack. We want someone to change for us. We want them to accept the fact that sometimes we forget to shave. We want someone who doesn’t put drugs or alcohol before us. We want back rubs. We want you to give us flowers. We want you to hold our hand. We want you to be able to have sex with us for the beauty, not just because you want it. We all just want our own prince charming. Its that simple.”

I am glad that koh gives me back rubs when I ask for it. He holds my hand more often than I hold his. He makes flowers from tissue paper and surprise me w it. I have my own prince charming.

Today, I reblogged this:

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything."

— F. Scott Fitzgerald via

You stopped believing in me so did I in you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And you think age matters

I dont know, rather, dont care how old are you but everyone should have a mature list. If I am a guy, mine will go like this:

- Never date a girl with a (boyfriend) baggage.
- Never date a girl who is seeing someone.
- Never date a girl who will dump me for another guy like her resume.
- Never date a girl who pouts her lips (only all the time).
- Never date a girl who has a boyfriend.

You get my 411. Bottomline is as one age, one should know better. And if you know it, don't do it. Because love is just a game for two unless you Gemini. Gemini are fickled-minded and always on the look for someone better. That one is your horoscope, you are like that one so no choice.


Directly from L.A.

6 years old.

21 years old.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

National Slavery and their songs

Due to the fact that my stupid boy joined the nation obligation against his will, I had a sudden interest in national service. People say I will start to shut my bf up on his BMT experience. Surprisingly, I enjoy all his little stories especially in a group. I like to see their expressions when relating the stories, adding each and every experience they had on their own. I especially love Purple Light.

Best Foe Forever

What makes a best friend? What makes a friend in need, a friend indeed? What turn that someone into a best friend? What? What? What?

In my perception, I believe that a best friend is someone who you can pour your hearts to, someone you know will stand up for you, someone you know that will be there in times of need and was actually there, someone whom you call in the middle of the night randomly and will not get piss at you, someone who secretly can read your mind, someone you can trust, someone whose mind you can secretly read, someone who doesn't judge you, someone who you can turn to, someone who not afraid to tell you things, someone you know very well.

I have a couple of best friends. I name them The Listener, The Wakeup Caller and The Know What To Say.

I've known Aisah since I was 13. We were in the same class and took the bus together to school every single morning of our secondary school lives. Had the same CCA and of course, our arguments never last more than 24 hours. Wait, only once, it lasted for 3 days. She is the "when I just want to talk and not listen to anything" aka the Listener. Maybe because I am more talkative than she is, she tends to listen to my sorrows and only input her two cents worth when it comes to bitching. Or maybe just because she got no advice to give. I count on her to listen to me whine about life and all that jazz. Aisah gives me the best nod ever. When she tells me her 'adventures', I do not judge her and as a friend, I give her best suited advice but it is all up to her on what she wants to do.

Recently, I've met another Listener. He is Abraham Christopher.

Sure he does give me a little advice here and there because let's face it, we girls sometimes cannot decipher another man's mind. But ultimately, he is there whenever I need someone to talk to. Abraham is like the gay man of the all girls group. Someone you can go naked in front of and he won't touch.

Then, I have Cheryl.

She is the "when I want to hear what I want to hear, I will call the one who I know will say what I want to hear without planning 'Eh you say that after I tell you this ah' aka the Know What To Say. Sometimes also double up as the Wakeup Call but mostly Know What To Say. Maybe because we crystal ball so we know how to cheer each other up. Okay, I mostly do it another way. Like laugh at her so she know her life suck, she got to do something about it to get back on track. She is not my happy pill. I just do it differently to her 'cause I think she cannot sweet talk one. She very soft hearted… like the lady with 20 cats.

My best friend of all time is.. jengjengjeng, Intan Prawesti Suprapto.

We met on the bus. She is the "when I want the cold hard wake up call, you give it to me" aka The Wakeup Call. Although, she is harsh, I love her very much. I realize she is the one after that 3am call I made to her and found her under the table, crying. She is like Blair Waldorf, act very strong but actually she has a chuck size cloud over her head. Intan's very straightforward and direct and I must say, her words make you go back and think about it. Sometimes, a cold hard tight slap on your face that you no choice have to wake up because life is not about unicorns and rainbows.

I added another name to that list.

Meet Nicole Lin. She is the 'when you need someone who went through the same experience and will tell you what to do next' aka The Experience. I am like her past and she is my future. My new found someone to confide to at ungodly hours.

Youtube boyfriend. One thing good about the Internet. There is so little things you know about a person that you can fall in love without getting your heart broken. Oh Charlie Mcdonnell, you are the Chuck Bass to Blair Waldorf, the cheese to my Alfredo.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today was a fairytale

There are a thousand and one things running through my mind now. Most of it consist of how when I need you, you are not there. I decided to leave you today not because of the conflict between me and him. But because I realize I cannot depend on you to defend me to anyone.

I am not easy to get along with nor very likable. I kind of like it this way. At least, my social circle not fake. I never like pretending to like someone but for you, I did. I hated myself for it but I put up with it.

All because I loved you.

That makes me wonder why for me, you cannot break out of your comfort zone. Looks like, Gabriel Tan Teck Hai got to marry me afterall.

Throughout love

On the topic of my past, I decided to dish out every single detail. Today, I touch on love. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13. He was from my primary school, a very patient guy and devoted alot of his time to me yet because I was selfish, I dump him for the eurasian kid in my class. We had a misunderstanding and broke up and only managed to cleared the air 4 years later.

Then, I dated my first boyfriend's best friend. That scene was uncalled for, I know. I dumped him because he was overly sensitive. Next, I was with my first boyfriend's rugby teammate who was also from my primary school.

Friendster became in and experienced my first internet love. I got bored of him later on because our dates consist of only movies and dinners. I remember liking the fact that he loves watching American Next Top Model too. But we didnt work out.

I've know the next guy for quite some time and we hung. I used to have a crush on his cousin during secondary school. This guy saved me from dogs once and I am eternally grateful to him but I knew he had a crush on this girl from school. One day, he decided to text me because my crush's brother (also his cousin, la) told him to go for it.

We applied for NAFA together but broke up after that. When school started, we got back together again but broke up…again. Long story and I really dont know how to summarize it. If you really want to me, leave a comment. If theres just one person asking for the story, I'd blog about it. To me, so far, its the only story worth listening to whole. It consist of me being really retarded, selfish, over sensitive, childish all at one go.

Couldnt get over him till angmoh came along. He was an exchange student and we met in the club. Obviously didnt work out.

My cousin invited me to his poly chalet and I met this pinoy dude. I left him for another guy after 6 months. J is another story worth hearing. I went to get his number and he was a model. We just stop talking.

Went out with this mat moto, was quite happy because face it, transport is a bonus point but then Koh appeared and save me from all these stupidness. In between, I also date other not worth mentioning boys. Either I forget their names or totally dont remember it happening. I also realise some part doesnt make sense. You have to draw your own picture.

Anyway, this is the summary of the summary of my love path. Some of these stories are longer, naggy-er and more exciting. Maybe one day, I'd post a picture of them and tell the story. But for now, 5 more hours till Koh books out !!

Happy Birthday, Stupid boy

I totally forgot about this. Happy birthday, Yap and Koh. Macho and Mary. On 28th and 21st September respectively.

Koh, I love you. I hope you enjoyed every single second of the day. I am sorry I wouldnt live up to my promise of decorating the yacht, baking you a nice cake, surprising you even. I know you say its okay because I had my exams the day before and that the party was confirmed only a week before. It was kind of hard seeing Lee doing nice things for Yap and you were standing there, emptyhanded. Sorry, love. We both agree that school is more important besides I did managed to bake you the cake at 4 in the morning!

Yap, iya, happy birthday la. I say whatever also you have something to rebut me -.-'

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello hello baby

Who what where?



Same old, sane old.

Along the way, we learn from our mistakes. Since I don't have tons of self shots to upload every blog post, I decided not to spare you the agony of my past. In fact, I've always been open and often enough, share too much. I am not ashamed, fyi.

So I was a MySpace Kid. Most of my social circle comes from the Internet. Often enough, I always see them in moshpits and that is where I get all my bruises from. People that I meet from MySpace turn out to be pretty awesome people such as Izzy, Erin, Yaz, Sofie, Fina, Jak, Faisal, etc. Koh gets amazed all the time when I say: She/He was my MySpace friend.

Seeing that, you can roughly guess what was my name on MySpace.

I was Coin Operated Doll later, Half-Face Maryline and lastly, Robotgranny (Intan came up with that). We always having to run/walk fast whenever we spotted someone spotting us. We are not unfriendly but I think we want to avoid the whole: "Do you remember me? I am so-and-so from MySpace,. You are Coin Operated Doll/Monkey ate the boy right?" Intan was OMG The Monkey Ate The Boy.

Maryline was created by Shawn Hong when I told him I don't want people to know my real name because it is the Internet afterall. I was all like I think everyone on MySpace should know me as Mary and he came out with Maryline; a mixture of Mary and Celine.

MySpace has this "Top Friends" thingy and some who have me as their top friends do not know I am actually not Maryline.

Like all other MySpace kids, I have my own 'crew'. Its a super long story on how it started, what happened along the way and how we had no time for saturday hangouts. But we are all still friends and every now and then, we crack old jokes. SUDDEN SHIELD?!?!?! CICAK?!?!?!

And back then, I was smaller. I really don't know how I've gotten to the size I am today but looking back, I sure want my figure back.

That what when I met Cheryl Fong. These are the first two photos we took together. It was BayBeats 2006, I think and coincidently, we wore something similar without discussion. We decided we were twins based on that. Besides, we same size. Skali now she skinny then I fat. Later on, we discovered we are actually crystal balls.

And I've got disturbing photos. That is Intan's sister's bra and I am Miss UniBra (nothing to do with Abraham). If I am not wrong, I cannot fit into that t-shirt anymore =[ BUT I STILL LOOK PRETTY!

I transformed from MySpace kiddo to a slut. Again, I really dont know what happen but look at me now! *major sad now.

One thing that havent change is my love for her, Intan Prawesti Suprapto.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Am I not ______ enough?

I always thank the almighty one for people I meet. Intan, Koh, Aidan, Kamsani, Kevin, April, Cheryl, Sam, Rashmi, Annabelle , etc. These people saw my ups and downs, my ins and outs.

I've always been the kind who is protective of my friends and I, too, judge too quickly. The girl you know who will always be there when shit happens.

I might not have the best attitude or temper but everyone gets the same vibe when they are with me; a friend in need is a friend indeed best describe me.

Not trying to blow my own trumpet at all. Ever.

My first impression to all is always the same. Diva comes on ever so often. So often I am used to it and no matter how hard I try not to make people feel that way, they always does.

Along the way, I helped people in the meanest way possible such as lying. I am great at coming up with stories and lies so hard to believe I am honest. But my ultimate pet peeve? Being lied to.

Oh btw, if you realize I don't talk to you as often as I do to the rest, there's something wrong with you. Not me. One day, everyone including me is going to find out what. Yup, I make friends based on my instincts and I never let my guard down especially towards the female species.

Koh will always, at this point, tell me to be more rational blahblah. I let my guard down once because of him. I am not going to let it happen again and I AM NEVER WRONG.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taken from - Quote from "To Kill A Mocking Bird"

It started in 2006. 3 years down the road and I havent finish reading it. I used to love to read. Whatever happened to that me? Technology got the worse out of me. Instead of studying a ball for Thursday and Friday's paper, I am stuck here, in front of a thing that comes attached with keyboard and its a total bundle of joy.

I need to get my act together and stop missing Koh at random hours. I must not cry over the phone with him because he will worry. I want to see my idiot in his Smart 4, smiling at me and showing me how happy he is to be with me.

So being routine-ish might have sucked but what suck most is him not being with you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When our boyfriends..

"BMT is not what you leave behind. It is what you gain in the days ahead."

My stupid boy still with hair.

My stupid boy came home to me with super short hair.

heart my stupid boy.

…serve the nation, government should also come out with a plan for the girlfriends. Maybe they can hold courses such as How To Not Miss Your Boyfriend or How To Spend Your Time When He's Serving His Nation. Or here's another idea; what about allowing us, the girlfriends, spend the first 2 weeks with them as a form of motivation? All in favour say 'Aye'!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Online Shopping? Meh.

Not a paid advert.

I don't know about you but I personally feel that it is a hassle to shop online. And that is only because I often misplace my iBanking device and finding it only after the spree closes. I eventually gave up online shopping also because of the wait and I don't know when will it arrive at my doorstep.

Then, jengjengjeng, along came Mojoavenue! It is set up by my best friend of 14 years and his sister. They started off by selling handmade rings at flea markets and because sales and response were good, they took the next step into the WWW. Now, they also bring in clothes. So not exactly your typical LiveJournal/Blogger online website for they took a different route. Like a marketing person, they market their products and survey the market before launching yet-another blogshop. You might have guess it but what I am trying to say it: THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.

Mojoavenue concentrates on bringing you rings that are entirely unique and outstanding. Its not bold nor too loud but its just nice and you know you want it.

Its never seen before and still you know you want it.

These rings captures your eyes right? Well, guess what, it will captures the eye of others too.

If your ring happen to go through any mishaps and it couldn't survive, have no fear Mojoavenue is here. Send it back and they will fix it. However, so far nothing bad happened but providing you this service means they are not afraid. Muahahaha.

Oh look, tea cup!

They bring in dresses and t-shirts. These are the two I want to get from them but I dont have the time to go down for fitting because I am not a one size fits all person :((

Hey look, buttons. So you can see, it is really a one shop hub. Now, here's the best part. They do international shipping as well and …. my readers get a special discount. Not telling you how great the discount is so free feel to email them! Visit them at Mojoavenue now.

Fat kid on Rollercoaster

Pictures of you, Pictures of me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What did you dream about last night?

Oh my lord. I dreamt of bunny ears ahbeng. He was coming closer to me and I thought he wanted to lay a finger on me but he moved to April and slapped her instead. I got so angry, I summon all the plants to attack him. Kinda like Sky High the movie.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.

What's your favorite sport?

currently, running for bus. Because thats the only sport I ever get to do these days.

on other days, I always love high jump. Did you know: I was a 2 times champion in YHSS? Once in 1st year, the other in 3rd year. I got a bronze for 2 year though and that was because I was late for the competition. Then, they removed high jump in my 4th and 5th year. My personal record was 4 and a half feet, back then. Only a couple of guys could jump over that.

Cuban High Jumper, Javier Sotomayor, clearing the indoor world record of 7ft 11 1/2in.(2.43m) March 4th, 1989 His outdoor record is 8ft 1/2in. Im only 3 feet away from him. lol

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.