Monday, January 2, 2012

You.. Little piece of shit

I say already right I don't want to have anything to do with you. Kindly stop tweeting bout me. 'Cause I do not blog about you every single day. What are you trying to prove? That you mean something to me? Yarrr, shit. You mean shit to me.

Excuse me, I do have a life. Cant you just read any other posts here other than the ones that has your name in it? By coming here to check if I blog about you does not mean you have a life! At least I dont go around asking people if I can go over to their house.

Bitch please, what have you done right? I feeling like Xiaxue debating with Dawn Yang but obviously as the latter has got a pea for a brain hence she thinks she is doing the right thing. Again, come the fuck on. You know what, you have haters, okay? MOVE ON NOW. Thanks.

Let's see who gets the last big fat laughter.

By the way, its 2012. YOU ARE 24! Stop being like a retard 90s kid and learn how to act like an 80s kid! I am saying this once and for all, I let 2011 stay in 2011. And if you are wondering how I get to see your tweets, lets just say that the "social media is not safe". Heh.


Anonymous said...

how do you know she is talking about you in the first place?
Why are you assuming that she is talking about you when she did not even state your name in her post?
you are just 对号如座.

Robotgranny said...

Hi Hate Mail,

Firstly, its 对号入座.

How am I condemnation? I believe you are Jaslyn herself as no one wants to fight this 'war' w her. Shes #foreveralone.

Anonymous said...

Why do you dislike her in the first place?

Did she ever step on your tail?

JASLYN said...

Sorry lor. If I want to comment I sure use MY NAME! And sorry to disappoint you, I'm not #foreveralone. I do have friends who stand by me and my boyfriend who love me very very much. I don't need any enemies to tell me how great I am.