Thursday, March 7, 2013

Agnes B because I can.

I've always been a fan of surprises. And a fan of gifts. Anything free and works is good for me. I am not expensive to maintain although I eat alot but I can never spend more than 100$ on an item for myself. My most expensive item found on myself must have been either a hand me down or it belongs to Koh.
Then one day, I decided I need a new wallet. I sourced and I found one pretty one (okay, I didnt found it. Intan told me to google and I did).

Yes, I wanted this. So pretty. The bow. The colour. I am in love with you, Prada Saffiano Wallet with Bow. Its retailing in SG for about 800$? That is 7 whole months worth of wanton noodles. I gave my "flying" friends the photo and told them to get this for me in Paris if its less than 500$SG. Even 500$SG is expensive. Idk what is wrong with me but its realllllly pretty!

But all is not lost! I walked around Isetan Wisma and Taka and fell in love with another wallet. It will cost me nearly 500$. There was no way I was going to get it without consideration. And I have half the heart to get the DKNY wallet that cost 190$.

That DKNY envelope wallet. It has just the right number of card pockets I need and a slot to put photo just the way I like. Its not real leather therefore the price therefore Koh said its not worth it. Plus Intan got the green one a few days before.

Pardon the morning bed head. Had a bag delivered to me.

Oh dear lord. Is it what I think it is? Ive never receive anything like this before.

YESSSSAAAAAA.  Now it is in the colour I wanted....

Royal Purple. The other colour is red. I couldnt mind any of the two colours actually. Red is my favourite colour while purple is really unique. 

I am a very proud owner of a very expensive Agnes B wallet. I dont have to eat grass for the next few months but I do feel the pinch. And just so you know, I made the whole entry up about being surprised. 

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