Thursday, October 28, 2010

PeiDu Mama

Koh is currently somewhere in Tekong jungle now and it feels weird not having him talk to me before lights out. Feels like something is missing. I am trying not to think of it because he has it good. Usually outfield lasts for 6 days but his is spilt into 2 sessions due to public holidays. I dont have to suffer long. He will be calling me tomorrow night already.

I started teaching tuition today (thanks to xoxounicorn). My student is a China lady who can't speak any English at all. I started w the alphabets and went into A's details like A stands for Apple, Alligator, Arm, etc. I realize English was basically memorising work when I was younger. I was given Spelling test every week so I decided she should have one too…only difference, hers will be the next tuition.

Consulted Tony on how he learn English. Yup, I was right. He memorised and ta-dah, he became the english speaking Tony he is today. I was teaching the right thing using the right method.

My student is very friendly and although I can't speak good Mandarin, she tries to understand me and very patient with our language barrier. I dont think I am paid good money for this but she is willing to have more lessons with me weekly because she is dying and willing to learn.

I am glad my first student didnt kill me on the first day.


mdr said...

not a ghost!

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend all the best wishes from Germany to you!
All the best Jo ;o)

Robotgranny said...

Hi Jo, thank you =]

Hi mdr, glad to hear!