Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kate Middleton Bottomless

Anyone who knows me for the longest time knows I love National Day Parade. I love seeing the march-ins and march-outs then I get bored. Every year, I get more and more disappointed at the performance. This year's was a little bit better but I feel that the usage of multi-media is overpowering.

Nonetheless, I managed to catch 3 previews! To make this year even more special, I watch it in the rain with NS boys, special bonding time with my best friend and a friend whom I have been watching the parade with for 6 years straight then he left for UK to study. That friend surprised me with his return from UK and got tickets at the eleventh hour form his dad. I am so lucky!

I decided to show photos of the parade I went with my breastie.

I dont need no parachutes baby if I got you baby if I got you I dont need no parachutes.

Breastie < 3

Here comes the marching band!

Parade Commander.

Get into their placing! I always wonder how they do their blocking. So many people to coordinate with!

Its forming. Its forming! I usually get very excited at this point.

And then, Id sing along to the beats of the base drum. TA-TA! TA-TA! TA TA TA! *stomp turn*


GOH looking smart.

 I'm looking pretty.

Flag rising ceremony. The son passed the flag to his dad who rose the flag after. I watch 3 times, and all 3 times, it got me. TMD. Must make it till so touching not?

I hate this part the most. I spend most of it counting the seconds apart so I can prepare myself for the next one. But, the timing damn off one leh.

Patriotic moment.

Was trying to spot my friend.

I was half hoping the boat will capsize than can see for myself if that situation do happen, what will they do.

Pew pew pew!

I REALLY REALLY MISS MY RED HEAD. This few shots was because I felt like YongYong plus Rongrong that day. But my makeup was bad. I don't know why I didnt see the pimple and why I look like I had alot of foundation on. I didnt! I swear !

 Another w the breastie. WHY SHE SO SKINNY! After this picture, she was like " You gonna blog about this right?" Im like 'maybe' and after 2 months, here I am.

Bye bye =[ I see you again next year. This year march by was really amazeballs. It was very nicely done!

I was very fascinated by the uncle behind me. And usually, you dont see alot of my self shots in an entry. So, bare with me!

I dont like the performance part so I try my best to enjoy it then to take photos. I apologise for this abrupt ending of a pathetic entry. But hey, I seem to be updating fairly regularly this week! I might do another Photoshop fails this month! Watch out for that.

No Kate Middleton Bottomless. Its just bikini bottom, guys.

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