Saturday, December 31, 2011

Perfect red nails

Couldn't stand my previous nails' shape and colour. I had to do something about it. Although I paint red almost all the time and have like at least 3 of the same colour but different brands, I always go back to using the same product! I believe its a girls thing -.-

Decided to file them all down and Koh likes to tell me to go for medi/pedi courses so I can earn money but I dont want to be touching other people's toes (*wink VAL!). I think I did a pretty good job despite I was watching "how do I look" on Style.

Please stop looking at my rock. Its too small. But its the thought that counts!

The products I used!

The Face Shop's Top coat and Red polish!

I have The Face Shop's Base coat too, however due to some marketing gimmick, the mother got Jessica's Whitening and Base coat. She hardly paint her nails and most of the nails products is in my room hence I am the user!

The whitening really works and both products dried really easily. If you only use the whitening, your nails will glow in Zouk. I know cause I tried it. It was recommended to use the whitening even if you dont intend to have coloured nails.

I got this at $2.90 from a budget store in Clementi. I dont really chose and read whats in the remover. I go for the price. I think I chose this cause it was purple. But I heard that the best is use the clear coloured ones.

Side Track: I had a drink (with vodka) while doing my nails. Did I tell you it was on New Year's Eve? I had a legit reason to drink!

Right hand : PASS!

Left Hand: Also PASS!

Usually if I want to do nail art, Koh will have to see the design I draw on my left hand (I am a right hander) and copy+paste to my right hand as obviously I will ruin it. Koh takes too long to do one finger and mostly he gets alot of screaming from me (cause he waste the remover). However, being the sweetest, he never say no to my requests to nails =]

Friday, December 30, 2011


I dont usually talk about my education level here and what have I achieved so far. However, I suddenly feel the need to share this. Feel free to click to enlarge.

Given to my family background and my own personal goals, this certificate barely meets anything in my life. I always imagine myself to study till I die but I do not wish to burden my father. But, I am job hopping like mad so I think I need to seriously think about going back to school and staying there till I die. Collecting certs like mad.

Still, I was very elated to receive my transcript with so many flying colours. Despite the fact that my grandma ng pass away during my last semester's papers and I couldnt really study, I didnt have to repeat any modules. Although a credit and a pass wasnt what I asked for (and it truly destroyed the transcript), I am glad I got through the diploma.

I think if you have the desire, you can really do anything in life.

Imbecile Little Fuck

Dear Jaslyn88 of,

This must come to an end only because I feel that you are in putting yourself in a spot by going against me and gossiping about me to people that I dont even know exist.

You may say that I dont know you who am I to judge. Let me just show you something:

Yes I dont give any fucking flying fucks about you. Everything you say or do just tickles my funny bone and it allows me to see how shallow you really are. Not forgetting the low self esteem you carry on yourself.

Honestly, I really dont care what you think about me also because none of it is true. What flirt, what qiao are all your one sided thinking. I reckon your hatred for me is also one sided. I dont go around asking people where they going and if I am there, you are not gonna be there. I dont care if you are there or not. Besides most of the time, you are not invited. Sorry.

For the love of the man upstairs, I really dont give a shit. You can seek all the attention you want but none of mine will be given to you and I doubt anyone else has seriously given you the attention you secretly crave for.

Lastly, congrats on reading my blog and tweeting all the comments. I will like to give you credit for that. And of course, on you getting your HR CERT. Cert, and you damn happy already. You are really one weird person. Please grow one (brain) and dont just be contented at the basics of studies. In Singapore, paper is very important.

Yup, this last picture is for me to you for you to end this drama. Although I am very much enjoying myself watching you making a fool outta yourself.

If you dont understand my english, please drop me an email. If you will like to diss my education, please read next entry. I will post my transcript for you to envy and admire.

Blue Sky Friday

And it's jeans day!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas lunch at MOM@Kim Seng

Look at the amount of presents for everyone!

Before we start eating, Mrs Quek gave a speech.

Mrs Quek also like to match make people. If you are working under her, make sure you are attached.



This is what I got for X'mas gift exchange at MOM@Kim Seng!


It was a random thing and I dont know the person who gave it to me. But I love Lavender. I SCORED!


Kenneth's Gift. Found anything funny?


Little red dress

There's gonna be a Xmas lunch today and I forgot to bring camera. Not like I fast faster fastest blogger in the world.

I'm wearing a red dress that I got from KL for 18SGD! thanks to fei-jie!

And my toes are red too!

Merry 3rd day of Xmas

Made Xmas cards for the fellow bloggers! We gonna have a belated Xmas party and someone is not invited!

Okay, here's the irony:
I'm okay with having her around but apparently I heard that she's not okay with having me around.

Honestly, she doesn't affect me but I feel that I affect her. Boost my ego like I'm back in high school only.

Before you judge me, I had told fellow bloggers that if they wanna invite you, go ahead however no one seem to be doing it. Guess we all know where the problem bug is.

I shall end it here! List of people bringing what what.

Thanks christina for the space :)

Others do it better

Why he wear wig, you wear wig but he looks better?

Right, you got ugly heart and face. Sorry.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X'mas, bro.

Hey K,

Hope you are well. I just wanna wish you a very Merry X'mas up there with the big guy. Go slow on the drinks, bro.

I will never forget the times we had together. Please be waiting at the entrance when its my turn to come. I die to hear you laugh and smile again. Maybe, I just need THAT closure that I was begging for.

Either way, have another beer on me and Sani.

I miss you always,

Friday, December 23, 2011

You kidding me

Honestly, I havent been angry for a very long time. Angry to the extend I find the need to bitch about it here. Mostly also because I am trying hard not to hurt anyone's feelings. But this someone needs a damn wake up call.

Firstly, please PLEASE dont be so needy and clingy. No body likes someone who is not independent. If I need someone who depends on me, I dont know how to pop babies out is it? As a Gemini, I crave for attention ALL THE TIME but not to everyone/anyone who is beside me. Good God, are you a sibling of Aaron Tan?

Secondly, I KNOW ITS THE ERA WHERE NO ONE CAN FUCKING LIVE WITHOUT TECH. BUT SERIOUSLY! There are times where we need to fucking give and fucking take. Especially when its your own fucking fault. Dont make things difficult for the living people around you. THE WORLD DOES NOT SPIN AROUND YOU. If want also spin around me okay.

Thirdly, no human being in that group personally invited any other human beings. In fact, it was an open invitation. We voiced our interest, we got the invite. You were not even saying anything and how dare you ask " WHY NEVER INVITE YOU" COME THE FUCK ON! ARE YOU THE FUCKING QUEEN OF ENGLAND NOW?

Forth, I feel everyone felt obliged to head to your birthday. WHO EATS VEGETARIAN? I SHUN VEGETARIANS LIKE THEY ARE SNOWBALLS ROLLING AT ME. I self invited myself only because I want to meet up with the rest. I had NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER to buy you a gift or to even say happy birthday. Before you even DM-ed me, I was telling Koh that I am gonna bail without telling anyone cause I lazy already. I hope you sense the sarcasm in me everytime you tweet me. So please dont think highly of yourself that everyone wants to attend your damn birthday and you had no choice but to limit the number of people. Cause deep down, you fucking hell know how unpopular you are.

I am so piss right now I wanna tear my pillow into half. THIS KINDA OF PEOPLE CAN EXIST IN THIS WORLD LEH. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT? I mean okay la all kind of people fucking exist but how come I so fucking suay to know one such person??? Tmr I gonna pray to Guan Ying Ma to save me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is this?

Who ever tells me "Santa is not real" can go and fuck themselves even if they are "The Good Things".

ADIML - 16th Dec 2011

ADIML - A Day In My Life is a document of a day in my life. The rule is to document everything you do on that day (you chose to do ADIML) from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. This is my 3rd ADIML over here at SSL. I have a couple more on Livejournal (thats where the community is) however, I am too lazy to find the links.

Note: ADIML done best with bloggers. Cause everyone tak shy towards camera and #foreverready.

.. as I take a trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for the 2-years-1-time Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blogger Awards Ceremony (NAPBAS)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photoshop Fails 105

I havent done one of these in a very long time. Please navigate yourself to the side bars for the past renditions of Photoshop Fails. This entry to brought to you by!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis' the season to be jolly

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