Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In another Teacher's hindsight

As a teacher, i feel sympathetic towards classroom teachers.

He (the teacher) forwent his pride and dignity to calm the tits (no pun intended) of his student who I reckon has family issues.

However, I wouldnt have apologised to the student for "shouting" at him. He is not deaf but obviously could have some kind of hearing problem. Either he couldnt hear the previous instruction given to him or he refuse to listen to that said instruction.. See, hearing loss maybe.

"Someone who has hearing loss might be able to hear some sounds or nothing at all."

I guess the teacher was taken aback by the sudden outburst of the student. His voice was shaking as thou processing and finding the right words to say to the student at the same time.

As much as I hate to say this, but its because of one or two f these rotten apples in a basket that makes Normal Technical stream seem..terrible. I mean you already in that stream where people, for lack of better word, look down on you then why don't you feel the need to like prove them wrong?

With viral videos like this, even if the student had received public caning and had apologised to the teacher, it doesn't bring back that said teacher's dignity and pride nor the school's reputation. Kids, the term shouldn't be the reason for their behaviour.

We cannot condone their actions based on "iya, they are still young". If so, when does that 'young' dateline end?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 in a nutshell

Looking back into 2013, I saw myself in different cities, in different sizes and as a whole. I fell, picked myself up, and found myself again. It was a year of growing up, not growing old. Then, I became this overthinker I never thought I'd be. Now, I am calming my tits down every other day with the help of xt9a.

Friends -
Wished I made more time for friends in person. I used to be able to make time so easily to hang and just have dinner with friends. Now, all I do is "eh lets meet up" but left it at that. I am ashamed to be one of those people. My friends got married and had kids yet I think I the only one who havent held any babies in 2013.

On the other hand, I watched my two favourite Kakaks walk down the aisle... and thats because I made time for it therefore, in 2014, I HAVE to make time. Period.






Travels -
I did more travelling than usual years - Melbourne, KL, Genting, Beijing, Tioman, Bangkok, Hongkong -. Surprised that I went to Bangkok only once but still, brought a whole lot of shopping back. Finally visited a non asian country and got myself a diving license. I am, forever, gonna be looking forward to exploring new places.

Relationships -
Koh and I remained as friends and I am very happy about it. It feels and seems like we have unfinished business but that is for Future Celine to care about. Oldman and I are.. the same - status unknown however I am still enjoying our sundates.

Jack and Lachie

Career -
Gave up my local students and welcomed plenty more International students. While a couple of my International students had to give me up, I got more assignments. I teared as Jackson and Lachlan were approaching the end of their academic year. So proud of the two brothers whom I taught since Lachie was in Grade 3 (He's a 5th Grader this year!) and even more touched at the amount of love they and their whole family give me. Reminded me of why I do this, how I got into doing this and who I am doing this for.

Myself -
Took up a new language - did a pretty good job, contemplating if I should do Advance in 2014. Tried to shed some pounds but gained it all back by the end of the year. I took up dodgeball again and is heavily involved in the YEC -almost like a new Celine was born after the whole fiasco with Koh. I learned new stuff, I found my mojo for old stuff and even put my foot forward in aiding the community.

2013 was fun but I wont want to go through it again. Instead of doing up a resolution and end up being sad at being unable to complete them within 365 days, I decided to do away with it this year and embrace quarter life crisis. Okay, I will add one - save - oh wait and another one - travel. I think its gonna be a challenge. Well, I am turning 25 in 5 months sooo... challenge accepted !

19 days into a brand new year, its never too late -