Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photostop fails

I want to start a list of entries where I can click on the left and have a good laugh. Hence, I hereby present photoshop fails.!

Why Hotmail not (W)hor(e)mail?

I like reading people and knowing how right I am about them. I (almost) never fail and I think God thinks that I became too complacent hence (kinda) took my 'powers' away. These days, I am not myself. I became less wary and let my guard down.

I need to get back to my conscious state and trust myself again. I will not reconsider how I feel about a certain somebody nor stop myself from telling people about that somebody.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kids say the darnest things!

On the topic of where do babies come from, here's an interesting conversation between Nigel and I. Mind you, Nigel Ng is only turning 9 on March 28th.

Me: Girl ah (thats my nickname for him), what do you learn in school now?
Nigel: Maths, English, Chinese, Science.
Me: Science? What topic?
Nigel: Living and non-living things lor.
Me: Then, I ask you ah. Where do babies come from?
Nigel: When a person eat too much lor. Then the stomach become fat then the baby will come out.
Me: (giggles) Then when your baby coming out?
Nigel: (LOL) No la. I cannot bring the baby out. Only girl girl can.

The 8 coming 9 year old boy

Sunday, March 14, 2010

When in Singapore

Back when I was younger, I had a whole list of 'what I look for in a guy' and my ambition was to marry a rich, old and dying man because I thought no man will ever fit into my description so might as well find someone dying then take their inheritance and elope with a gigolo.

As I grow older, my ambition stayed but my 'what I look for in a guy' list changed. Not being bias towards that important someone, here's my list:
- He must be
-> taller than me when I wear heels
-> skinny
-> able to pull off Havaianas and shorts without looking like he works at NUM.
-> at least average looking (best if he's really handsome)
-> non Chinese (no matrep please)
-> scene kid/ indie kid
- He must have
-> chest hair, leg hair, hair everywhere to keep me warm
-> nice ,short, well kept finger and toe nails
-> facial moles (Dai Yang Tian!!) or moles everywhere

Nothing NOTHING about family background, financial status, The 5Cs or character. I never date a Chinese guy in my life, only The Angmohs and The Melayus. I never thought I'd be attracted to someone of the same race or able to hang out with someone of the same race. And also perhaps I wanted to 'pop' out a pretty mixed blood baby.

Aww. Isn't she cute?

Of course, after years of searching, falling in and out of 'love', I met someone that matched slightly half of my list; a list that did not include anything about characters. I thought it was a fairy tale because he's a model and I am not exactly the same size as him. In fact, I am twice his size. Then, things turn ugly and our time was up.

It was time to wake up. Wake up to reality. There is no such thing as fairy tales and there will never be. I changed my list slightly, adding another - to it:
-He should
-> be friendly to my friends and able to hang with them
-> never lay a finger on me
-> care for me more than I care for myself
-> allow me to wear the pants sometimes
-> able to provide for me and himself

Meet Eugene Koh, the love of my life; apple of my eye.

No words can describe how much he has done and sacrifice for me. He, however, do not paint my portrait on walls, come jogging with me in matching colored attire or walk into a tree while on the phone with me. But, I know I love him because of all the things he has done that has hence prove worthy of my love.

-He is
-> taller than me when I wear heels
-> able to pull off Havaianas and shorts without looking like he works at NUM.
-> at least average looking (best if he's really handsome)
-He must have
-> nice ,short, well kept finger and toe nails
-> facial moles (Dai Yang Tian!!) or moles everywhere
-He should
-> be friendly to my friends and able to hang with them
-> never lay a finger on me
-> care for me more than I care for myself
-> allow me to wear the pants sometimes
-> able to provide for me and himself

Koh is the first Chinese guy I dated and I am lovin' every second of it. After holding, changing, looking thru the list again and again, I realized that the list is not important. Cliche-ly, what is important is the heart. Is how the love revolves as time goes by. Is how he treats you. Looks aren't important (at all) and for most people, looks are not the food on the table, its the quality and the amount of afford they put in.

When in rome, tells a story of a girl with no luck in love back in new york, went to attend her sister's wedding in rome and took 'magic' coins from a reputed 'foundation of love' . Almost immediately thereafter, she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors whose coins she took, including a diminutive sausage magnate (Danny DeVito), a lanky street magician (Jon Heder), a doting painter (Will Arnett), and a narcissistic male model (Dax Shepard). Meanwhile, a smitten reporter (Josh Duhamel) does his best to convince Beth that true love isn't just a topic of fairy tales and romance novels.

Let's make a wager before we watch the movie. Who will Beth pick?

I reckon Beth will pick the guy in the photo with her, the smitten reporter, Nick Beamon (Josh Duhamel). Doesn't that always happen in the movies? The dude on the poster with the chick is always together or will get together.

Anyone who watched this show will get what I mean.

According to, the men in the movie who are wooing her 's characteristic are as follows:
  • Josh Duhamel as Nick Beamon, a semi-confident and nervous man who is in love with Beth and is her primary love interest. He is desperate to win her affections and seems to love her very much.
  • Jon Heder as Lance, a street magician who uses his talents to try to get Beth
  • Dax Shepard as Gale, a self-absorbed suitor who falls under the spell of the coins and chases Beth
  • Will Arnett as Antonio, a.k.a. Anthony or Tony, a wannabe Italian artist who follows Beth to New York

When you meet a guy, you expect/want security. I hereby dismiss wannabe Italian artist because he is a wannabe which means he is not down to earth hence no security. Nick is a reporter therefore he should be more stable which means security.

When you meet a guy, you expect/want qualities. There is no qualities mention of Gale so he is out too plus Nick is a nervous guy. Tell me, WHO DONT FIND A SHY GUY CUTE AND ATTRACTIVE? Yes, it might annoy you that he is shy and takes longer time to get to you but that means he is really sincere!

When you meet a guy, you want him to be honest (without tricks) so bye bye Lance the magician. I personally don't trust magicians even if there is no such thing as magic (actually there is, Dumbledore is god of all magic). But seriously, use your own qualities to get to meBeth and not magic tricks!!

Koh and I met on a sunny island called Singapore. There were no magic coins, no sister's wedding to attend, no no luck in love. If you want to watch a romantic movie with your love ones, do catch 'When In Rome' movie starting from 25th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!


Catch When In Rome Movie starting from 25th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dont we all?

I miss those days that I sit on my dad's lap and he rock me to sleep. Those days where I can still be fed by my dad and no one to judge me. Those days I talk to my dad all the time, wait for him to get back home and hates it when he leaves the country for work. Those days where I can't sleep and he will drive me around in his car 'cause I get knock out on moving vehicles.

These days I just wish I can have a normal decent chat with my dad, the man who kept it all strong. Nothing about family affairs, nothing about cash in bank/hand, nothing about school. More on food, society and his job. I have no idea what is his job like or rather, what he do till today though we talked about it a couple of times.

We used to be able to talk at home during a tv show. I grew outta tv and is seldom home. When we are able to sit down and chat, it happens only under the block or when we are waiting for the rest of the people to arrive. When we are able to sit down and chat, we talk about his wife/my mum, his son/my brother, his job/my school.

My dad is the coolest dad anyone can ever have. The one who upped my pocket money randomly and the one who support me in whatever I do. When everyone was against me going NAFA, he showed so much support and even told his sister that he is my father and I am his daughter, she is not to interfere. When I quit NAFA, again, he was the only one who showed too much support, never calculate the money I wasted on NAFA and paid for SMa.

I am the most expensive daughter. My pocket money per month is close to a thousand and I cannot make a decent conversation with my dad now. I love my dad and I cannot express it. If my dad were to go, I think I'd go too.

If Apple created a 'daughter' like me, I'd be called "iSuck" (no pun intended).

my dad came into my room moments ago to have a chat. I was busy and he walked out my room, saying " you talk to me like kena force". FML

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in Jurong bitches

First night back in Jurong since two weeks ago. I am doing what I do back in PP; surfing the net till late, watching movies at the same time. I tried to poker with Koh just now but Facebook must have its red alert moments. I need getting used to sleeping alone now. At least for another week. What I miss most is being able to get food at the tip of my fingers.

"my house so big. no food." - me
'now you saying my house small la.' -koh

We seldom have phone conversations and when we do, we tend to talk about the size of our parents' flats/condo. Right now, I am hungry, I just broke my cow (moneybox) and is gonna call Macds which is only 10 minutes walk away because I am lazy like that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dream a lil dream of me

Picture this. Dreaming of Jal (from Skins) being bombed alive in a school compound. It was a carnival. Nigel Pek was there. He had an walkie with him. Melvin Sim and I tried so badly to contact his walkie for 3 days. He was alive all the time and heard all our pleas, crying thru the little communication device but he refuse to reply us back.

At home, my mum gave birth to another boy. Everyone had to take a number before they could take a picture with him. Everyone knows a baby takes 1 year to learn how to walk and it must first start crawling. However, the little one I was carrying went to open the door for Nigel Pek who decided to rise from the dead and surprise the shit outta Melvin Sim and I.

Nigel Pek continued to tell us how he survived the bomb but Jal is gone for good. Did I mention, he's dating Jamal but he is not at all upset that his gf died?


Somehow, with Nigel Pek relating his story, I started to wonder where is Koh, why is he not back yet.


Next thing I know, I woke up to check my phone for any SMS or miss calls from Koh, saying that he will be home late.

Monday, March 1, 2010


actually, also because I've got nothing blog worthy to blog about. As much as I want this blog to has a mind of its own, I have to be mellow. I now have eyes everywhere.

Your hair falls in place and catches the eye of another

A night, a night no different from any other. Except the company. The outdoor company was indeed different. There was no saying how was it different but the future showed it.

One guy showed up with a sense different from other. He wasn't smartly dressed nor smelled exceptionally nicer nor was he the cream of the crop. There was a halo. A halo so bright, so round, so serene.

There were definitely more nouns/adverbs used to describe him yet the shy smile he had on blew half of my soul away. He was all I could look at, all I could smell, all I could hear, all I could feel. Never mind that unique visible scar of his on his upper lips. I wasn't at all curious of how he got that. I wanted to know, though, is how warm will his hugs be, how tender his lips might feel and if he felt the same way too.

In less than 2 weeks, I was asked out by him. I ditched a gay party, ditched my closest friends just to see him again and to get the same feeling I felt that day.

I never regret. Happy 6th month, Koh.

Everyday, I still want to know how warm his hug will be, how tender his lips are and if he feels the same way too. This, I am afraid, will never change. He is still the handsome young man I met then, with the same old scar and halo above his head. He is my love; my boyfriend. He is my Marshall; my Lily.

p/s: I knew his body temperature will fit nicely into mine just like his hands into mine.