Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the amount of formspring comments I got, I will blog about how I am going to lose weight and what am I going to do. Because Formspring is where I answer questions but I do get comments. Please people, comments? Do hit LEAVE A HELLOGOODBYE. You dont even need to register to leave a comment! I not angry but I seriously think if its for the blog, comments be in the blog.

Okay so I started running on tuesday and silly me did not weigh myself before I start my diet and exercise but I remember being 65kg. I kick start it with 3 rounds round the park (400m x 3) and like 100situps and 60pushups. I rest on wednesday because it was a public holiday. Tee hee. I continued today with 6 rounds round the park! I do at least 40 situps before I sleep now.

Lets see what happens on 10dec 2010!


Anonymous said...

how often will you weigh yourself hun :-) i'm playing tennis to keep in shape!

Robotgranny said...

not often. I am not crazy over my weight actually. Ive always wnted to try tennis or squash but no friends =[