Wednesday, August 11, 2010

whats tumblr to you?

A place where people repost what people repost.

Ask me anything and this is not a comment box.


Agnetha said...

I'm Agnetha from swap-bot. I'm now following you in 'Blog Me, Baby'.

O Arrow said...

Ha ha! I've never used tumblr.

EvalinaMaria said...

a circus

I'm MagicNorth and I'm your partner in Blog Me Baby (and some time follower who doesn't reads blogs often enough because of chronic time shortness).

Maria Isabel said...

I dont get Tumblr, I like to know the original source of good pictures and quotes, but that is ost on tumblr. They should just eliminate that thing, if people are too busy (aka lazy) to do a complete blog , the F**** that, dont post random pictures and quotes!
(blog me baby swap on swap-bot)