Monday, November 25, 2013

Bird's-eye View

Her eyes fixated on him. That man across the multipurpose hall, full of charm. He greeted them. Its never going happen, she thought to herself as she holds and cuddles the only sweetheart she had been with for many years. Its never going to happen, she assured herself once again. Subconsciously, she was stealing glances. Subconsciously, she was, stealing glances. Subconsciously.

The game started. She tried her best to remove his presence from the court. He smelt nice. No. No. He doesn't exist. No. No. He smelt nice. No. No. Get out of my head, she repeated in a rhythmic phrase. That's not the way to hold the ball, he offered her suggestion about the best course of action to her. Shut up, she bellowed in a loud but sharp way, jokingly. The whole hall could almost hear her despite the commotion surrounding the space. Was she rude? She doesn't care. All she wanted was for her heart to stop beating at an accelerated speed. For a moment there, the atmosphere was at a standstill. She reckoned she was going to have her breath cut off quickly and unexpectedly. She thought she was going to die.

Her heart should stop being such a Know-It-All.

It wasn't as though he wanted her as badly as she wanted him at first sight - oh, that charm, that winning beaming smile, that strand of hair that wouldn't go down. She watched as he got closer. Not to her. Her heart sunk as she held on tighter to her sweetheart, as though giving her support and strength. That man across the multipurpose hall, full of charm, planting a kiss on a long haired, shapely but ghastly looking.. son of a bitch! She was scarred by that image. That image that clouded her mind.

Her eyes still fixated on him, as she walked out of the hall with a swag. She couldn't resist his charms yet she couldn't get a second serving even if she tried. She didn't come back for awhile. She couldn't. She wouldn't. She shouldn't. I watched as she hid away her fondness for him, as she suppressed her want to shower him with affection, as she omitted her adoration of him, as she walked away with her bags, holding the hands of her only sweetheart she will regret being with for many years.

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