Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Dummies' Guide to Rainbow nails !

Let's move on from the Gushcloud exposè part 2 and try something fun and fulfilling at home ! Yah, I don't think gathering "evidence" while you have a baby to take care of is neither fun nor fulfilling. 

Not that I want to stir but her blogging bff having baby and only got 3 sponsors ..maybe it's to direct traffic to her via her. If you get what I mean. I go back to stirrin my milo .

Colours that you need - oh I like..
Red, it's the colour of an apple
Orange, it's the colour of an orange 
Yellow, it's the lemon and our beautiful sun sun sun
Green, it's the colour of trees and lots of things that grow 
And then there's blue for the sky,
And purple, that's a colour that is fun fun fun !

- The Rainbow song by Barney the dinosaur !

Of course, remember your base and top coat ! 

For this fun happy splash of colours, you will need -

A sponge . The portion I needed in comparsion to the photo I've google. I've done this before but it wasn't as opaque as the one on screen  'cause I didn't wanted it. Although it's said that the colours will pop out more if you first paint your nails with a white base. I personally don't like white - they look like liquid paper on my nails :/

Credits : @katesthenamee
White base first.

This time, I put more paint on the sponge to make it more non transparent. You just need to wipe your nail brush once across the sponge . It's okay to overlap. It's supposed to be messy anyway. Then once you are done with the 6 colours, just stamp on your nails ! 

Your nail bed will def get ruined if you are like me. Lazy. Lazy to coat the nail bed with lotion or use tape. 

Just use some q-tips and your favourite nail polish remover ! It comes off really easily. (Disclaimer : not my favourite remover. My mother used the last bit of my old one and she was afraid that I will flip so she faster go anyhow replace one.)

End product ! However my red and orange got overlapped too much till they look almost the same ! But I love how messy it is and how it looks like it faded into each other ..like when you blend ten eye shadow colours onto your Asian eyelids.

I used 6 colours instead of 7 because my nails too short and the two purples are its gonna blend so well together you can tell that you really have two different shades of purple ! 

Have fun trying this at home ! 

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