Thursday, August 1, 2013

Valentine's in Japanese BBQ restaurant

Koh stepped it up again this year.

Last year, I was given a rock and a bf who lied to me then surprise me. This year, I had my previous rock traded in for a bigger one and a bf who did his homework so his gf does not need to stand in line to get into a restaurant. Yea, I kinda laughed at girls waiting in the line "HAHAHAH WHY YOUR BF NO MAKE RESERVATIONS?"

Man deciding what to eat.

BBQ raw food.

Man patiently waiting for it to be hot enough to put food.


Why is there mushroom on my plate?

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

Happy girl eating her Jap. food without having to Q!

Healthy food in my belly

Happy couple

Raw fish also I love.

I am garlie queen.

Overall, I like the restaurant Koh booked for us for V'day. The service was abit slow because its V'day but the staff didnt have a sour face on. It took a while for my second bowl of garlic to come but I guess its because the kitchen lack of people to chop it up for me. The food was okay but as long as I dont have to cook it myself, I guess I am good! So easily contented this girl here.

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