Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last one I promise

I tend to over share especially on this platform but it's not life without a little rant, a little drama. But this is the last one I promise.

Just so you know I don't regret what I've done. Not a single bit of remorse in me. Us going in our separate ways is inevitable. What you have done is what I could have forgive but never forget. However you know that that's not the main reason why this separation.

There were many things I cant stand but I did it anyway. There were many things I didn't need to take it in but I did it anyway. There were many things you could have done and react differently but you chose not to anyway. There were many things many many things. By the end of the day, we were just hanging by the thread.

Came across some 'inspirational' tumblr post and I decided to scroll down to read more. Bad decision, I say. A few of them made me want to hurl so bad. It actually reminds me of the things that I've stupidly done to keep us together. The relationship was at its dead end however I wasnt ready to give up.

Perhaps we grew old together too fast. We didn't slow it down and eventually we can't stand each others decisions. Rather, I can't stand yours. Your inability to put me first place when I needed you is unforgiveable. Because "to be there for me" was your first promise to me.

I am bitter at the fact that I was blind. I let you do things to me that I won't allow it on any of my girlfriends. There were so many times I could have walked away but you always held me back. You hug me and said you are sorry and tell me you will change it will never happen again. So when the day came that you didnt hug me to tell me it will all get better, I knew you were sick of all these shit. So was I to your empty promises and the lack of effort.

While I am glad we are no longer together, I am even happier that we could maintain a friendship instead. Afterall, you are my best friend I never knew I had. Your secrets are safe with me.

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JoleneQ said...

Yayy, happy for you Celine :D