Monday, August 5, 2013

Maybe its.. Maybelline!

You know how I am not a beauty blogger and I blog about everything and anything.. After attending Maybelline's recent event at Zouk, I am ready. Ready to blog about beauty. Beauty is not just skin deep but I reckon, it is something I can cough out with to make this space slightly more interesting for you and I. 

Something cooking. Rockets and pretty girls. Now if any product has robot in it, I am sold. Rockets.. we can try to be friends first.

Best photo I could take of Tosh without being in the middle of screaming girls and giving them a chance to ruin my ear drums. I swear fangirls are the worst of all fans. Their voice like a loud hailer that never spoils and doesnt need batteries.

Then Laoshi came out to demo the product. I never knew that you should actually dap your newly open mascara first before applying it on your lashes.

 Beatrice was the eye model for the day. The right way to apply and ta-dah the difference!

So apparently mascara is supposingly very easy to apply.. so easy that boys can help girls apply. But I dont dare. Later poke my eyes how. Better dont play with this kind of thing.

Thanks Ang for the invite. I love being her plus one. Say real one ah, must thank myself for starting to blog and Nuffnang for giving me tons of exposure (albeit not enough *hint) to be able to meet really wonderful nice humble people. Aside from Silver whom I met during Genting trip, I will never forget the bunch of people I met at the 2011 Awards Ceremony in KL.

Then, my favourite part . Really, you see pictures you know already. You see you see where I zoom in, you think I fa hua chi.

So tempted to like hold an ad for these two abs. MISSING. PLEASE RETURN WHEN FOUND.

So Maybelline rocket mascara is not out in stores yet. Its coming out in Sept. I didnt manage to get to try it. The makeup booth queue was toooo damn long and I isnt got no patience for that. I didnt even collect my drink for the night.

For more information of this product, please visit: MAYBE ITS MAYBELLINE


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