Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dont say I never warn you ah

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Noel has been a really good and personal friend of mine ever since Xin Wang event last year. Wait, no. I met him then but we hit it off when we went to Bintan the next day. So when Noel texted me and told me about his show, I left the FTV fashion show earlier and went down to Clark Quay for the media release of..

Ghost files Singapore, in short, GFS, is a ten episode paranormal web television series made in Singapore for people like us who believe they exist but don't have the proof that they do. Noel Boyd, Jocelyn Teo, Joel Liew and a few other guest investigators such as social media personality Billy Chong and musicians Jack and Rai, went to the most haunted locations in Singapore.. just for us.

One day, Koh and I decided to head to Gillman's Barracks 'cause he had the car and I was bored and hungry. We decided to plank our ass down at timbre because I've never been to that much talk about place. Jack and Rai were the band for the night. I was in love with them after their rendition of "Ho Hey".

I know, I shouldnt sidetrack but can I show you photos of myself first. Thanks ah.

Must take more photos with him. 'Cause I think I am the mother of all suayness. Every time we plan to meet, something will happen to him. Either I am a jinx or we just not fated to meet.

 But since we meet, SPAM ALL THE PHOTOS. Actually only got two.

Here with the darling Stephanie. I look terrible but shes always gorgeous. *jelly.

Group photo. I think we fail at trying. 

Okay, so I was saying... Ghost Files Singapore. You want to know if its bluff one or not right. While I am sure Noel won't lie to me, I am almost certain that equipments dont lie too afterall a picture tells a thousand words, what can videos tell you? Let me just show you a little show of the upcoming show. No, I am not going to post it here to scare myself shit in the middle of the night when I am feeling narcissistic and reading my blog for the umpteen time. Here, you click on the link yourself. Dont dare right...

What you can do is gather a group of non judgmental friends and watch the show together when it premires on 9th AUGUST 2013. THATS RIGHT. NATIONAL DAY HOLIDAY. STAY HOME AND WATCH THE SERIES AFTER THE FIREWORKS AT 10PM!

So dont say I never warn you. Keep yourself updated: http://www.ghostfiles.tv/

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