Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great News !

There is good news to be shared. Not only I think I am back (with a bang!), there is something I love for you to meet. No, its not that special someone who had swept me off my feet. I said it once and I am going to say it for the last time - there is no happily ever after.

I am pleased to announce that there is going to be a new additional to SSL! But before that, I went to National Day Parade (NDP) for the 8th time in the row. Fique abandon me although last year he surprised me. I am upset that we broke our tradition but I know he would have flew back from the UK if he could.

Bring my Fiq to NDP with me.

March in.. FAV FAV FAV PART OF NDP. Whats a parade without an awesome parade.

1, 21 guns

So beautiful Singapore

Its like everything just falls in place nicely

Pew pew pew!

The band made a heart

Graphics used this year are better than last year's

Bikers and breakers

Under one roof sofa too big for humans

We could take a lil trip around Singapore town 
in a Singapore city bus


Marks the end of this years NDP. Happy National Day, Singapore. You are 48 and still young and getting prettier every year with all these developments happening as tax payers pay more money each year. Although I dont fancy fireworks, its getting nicer with each passing year. Most of all, I love the actual parade. I get so emotional every time!

Right, enough of myself.. Here is the new addition:

Meet this someone who you will be seeing often. SSL has someone new to front it. This space will never have a dull moment unless its during exam period because she will be studying for it while I am teaching (not her of course. Does she look like she is in primary school? LOL)

We matching matching sia. Cheers to a better online sanctuary. Beginning of something old.

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