Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just go je

Before, I was contented. Easily contented. Then I asked for the world. I ask for it to see it my way. After years, I came to a realisation that the world is round, I should be the one looking it at. There was so much to see and do but I was stuck with one view.
The decision to take a leap year from school that ended up to be 3 years was because I was blind. Blinded by what could have or should have been. I wasted time and youth.
If I wasn't what I was, I would have already been a degree holder and getting what I want within hands reach. However I couldn't get to you. I couldn't get inside your mind.
Sorry that this has all been a wasted trip to the moon and back. I apologise if I kept you on the hook or left you hanging. Mark my words, I will always be there for you rain or shine because that's what I think you would do for me too.
Should have, would have, could have.
On an annoying note, I ended work at 6pm today only to reach home close to 8pm. Now at 9.30, after a shower and some rest, Imma gonna have my dinner now. Things are different but I am getting used to it. We will go thru this. You and I both on our separate ways.

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