Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life and such

I think it's almost ridiculous to be calling this team bonding when everyone normal. Is stereotypical and refusing to bond with people not of the same level or with common interest. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose to a team bonding is to get to know who else is also serving the community at where?
Yes you might not see eye to eye with a certain someone but does that mean you have the rights to show a black face throughout the supposingly bonding session? I always thought the idea of such event is to out away differences, come together and get to know one another again. What's the point of bearing a grudge and making some uncomfortable?
Some may say it's the age that makes a person. You can blame it on the level of maturity or the mindset they developed however for those who followed suit or have the same ideology, are they just plain shallow? or just merely stupid?
In my honest everyone deserves a chance to be themselves (whether drunk or sober). One should not be too quick to judge or judge based on one instance. It's hard to practice what I preach but at least I don't dislike a person without a reason or telling him/her the reason of it all. I believe that person deserves the basic respect of all fellow human being.

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