Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crazy days back with minah lian

That was what I was known to Danial Chan, my bff in smoking back in NAFA. Outta no where, I suddenly miss him alot. I miss how we used to gossip and bitch about a certain someone and he ended up calling me minah lian because what I smoked -.-'
I remember he was the first person who introduced himself to me during the Ambassadors' Camp. I also remember not remembering his name and got all confused when his name tag was Humphrey (Humpforfree). It was during the peak of Gossip Girl hence Dan Humphrey was he.

After open house, we didnt get to meet up often because of our timetable and he doesnt like to answer his phone. Sometimes, we got to meet up for awhile to enjoy some inhaling and that was all.

Dan was such a nice person to talk to and I don't know where is he now. I heard he left school before I did. Our GPA is horrifyingly horrible that we decided to compete the next sem. At first, we got the same GPA then I realise I didnt take Chinese , why was I given a F? I went to get my transcript changed and TA-DAH, HUMP I WIN YOU!

I randomly went to stalk him at his blog today, reading old entries. Guess what I found ?

I miss you , D.

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Anonymous said...

minah lian you are so pretty and you were skinnier.
what hap'ppen siol.