Friday, January 29, 2010

I am only 5.4 feet tall!

You know, I never like giving good first impressions. I feel that first impressions are the fakest ever fake shit ever. I believe in showing who you are for the first impression, rather than someone you pretend to be.

Yes, you might give the bestest first impression of a sweet innocent girl blahblah but deep down, you are actually the sluttiest bitch ever hence when people start to know who you really are, they prolly 1) be your fake friends; those who are two faced 2)don't want to be friends anymore and tell everyone they know about you , or 3)still be friends with you no matter what.

Let's all be realistic. Of course 1) and 2) has the most probability to happen.

First impressions is like judging a book by its cover. Thus, I like to show a side of my real self to others on the very first meeting. Its like shopping: "You like it, you buy it. You don't like it, you don't buy it."

I used to be super arrogant and not talk to people unless people come talk to me so if you come talking to me, it means you are that kind that will be friends to whoever whichever and you know what to expect or okay, just super annoyingly friendly. To top it off, try adding a little bitchy spice to my character.

Back on the first day of NAFA, I didn't want to mingle and I feel that in life, we only need a handful of friends so why bother with new classmates?  I remember JJ vow he will never start talking to me but he did and still does. Daeia once said that no matter how bad my attitude is, I am still a Friend. I can do anything for a friend if its within my control. This is the kind of attribute that won't be discovered on the first day so why judge a person right on the first meeting?

Today, I am still arrogant but not that much however, I still do not talk to people in class unless they talk to me first but its working well and my new(er) classmates are better(er). So who say First Impressions are Important?

Hence, don't judge me when I say I don't date Chinese boys and ended up w a Koh in hand. I still have malay friends and sometimes, I indulge with a little R(ubbish) and B(ullshit) [or in Cheryl's term; R(ub) and B(ua)] in clubs. People has a change in music tastes, you know.

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