Saturday, December 31, 2011

Perfect red nails

Couldn't stand my previous nails' shape and colour. I had to do something about it. Although I paint red almost all the time and have like at least 3 of the same colour but different brands, I always go back to using the same product! I believe its a girls thing -.-

Decided to file them all down and Koh likes to tell me to go for medi/pedi courses so I can earn money but I dont want to be touching other people's toes (*wink VAL!). I think I did a pretty good job despite I was watching "how do I look" on Style.

Please stop looking at my rock. Its too small. But its the thought that counts!

The products I used!

The Face Shop's Top coat and Red polish!

I have The Face Shop's Base coat too, however due to some marketing gimmick, the mother got Jessica's Whitening and Base coat. She hardly paint her nails and most of the nails products is in my room hence I am the user!

The whitening really works and both products dried really easily. If you only use the whitening, your nails will glow in Zouk. I know cause I tried it. It was recommended to use the whitening even if you dont intend to have coloured nails.

I got this at $2.90 from a budget store in Clementi. I dont really chose and read whats in the remover. I go for the price. I think I chose this cause it was purple. But I heard that the best is use the clear coloured ones.

Side Track: I had a drink (with vodka) while doing my nails. Did I tell you it was on New Year's Eve? I had a legit reason to drink!

Right hand : PASS!

Left Hand: Also PASS!

Usually if I want to do nail art, Koh will have to see the design I draw on my left hand (I am a right hander) and copy+paste to my right hand as obviously I will ruin it. Koh takes too long to do one finger and mostly he gets alot of screaming from me (cause he waste the remover). However, being the sweetest, he never say no to my requests to nails =]

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