Friday, January 20, 2012


Okay, I not gonna be wishy-washy and perhaps sound a tad bit annoying but please.. just pleaseeeeeeeee (dont leave meeeeee *sing to Pink) "Like" my page on facebook!

Dont say I never tell you ah. Got juice come out one if you "Like" it. 'Cause recently, I realise how to check my stats. According to Clarence, SSL is very much a site written by traditional blogger. Blogger who uses minimum photos. To be cool, I think I am just gonna say I am "minimalist". Tee hee hee 'cause technically, other than dissing me (which it wont bother me), there is nothing you can do! NEH NI NEH NI POO POO (okay Koh just farted in his sleep while I type "poo poo").

I never expect myself to have close to 600 readers a day! I always thought I had like 200 a day and I happy that y'all enjoyed "photoshop fails" as its really the most googled and forever linked to this space! So exciting! No one reads this cock and bull so I can laugh all I bloody hell want.


Anyhoooo, I got a get rich quick plan! You wanna know? Okay, I tell you. Before Chinese New Year (CNY), find a Chinese boyfriend/girlfriend.. (preferably an Ah Lian or Ah Beng 'cause this kind usually damn fast can steady one and will bring you back to meet the parents). During CNY, be thick skin and follow to visiting.

TA-DA ! You will suddenly be a few dollars richer! After the 15th day (CNY lasts for tthattt long), break up! Repeat this cycle for every festival. Most bo hua one is Deepavali. Hari Raya got 30 days that one lagi best!

Dont forget, you hear it first from SSL! "Like" my page!

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