Thursday, January 12, 2012

A :oser like me

My life is boring. I am waiting for my time to come to an end at MOM while looking for a new job and vexing over what to wear for Chinese New Year (CNY). Currently, I am just want my hair to dry so I can sleep without the towel on.

I guess what I am trying to say is I have no goals, no (realistic) ambitions and still, at 22 years 7 months and 0 days, all I have to my name is the overflowing amount of fats my body takes in ever so quickly.

In fact, I saw myself in the mirror today and stared so hard, I decided I look 8 weeks and 27 days.

Remember when I say I don't need resolutions 'cause I am never good at keeping them? Well, maybe it was because I thought too lowly of temptations. Sure, I can make ALL the resolutions but really, this time, I need to wake up my fucking ideas and just grow a pair. I need to be brave and walk through this fire named Society.

So here goes:

1) Get the license.
Its been 3 years. What were you thinking?

2) Settle down with a job that pays.
Yup, do it for the money. Passion cannot be taken as food (although you really need to lose weight). Dont think of doing something you like unless a miracle happens. If someone pays you 5k (before CPF) to suck cock, you bloody hell suck his cock till he reach heaven.

3) Lose 1.5kg every damn month.
Or you can weigh yourself at the end of the year and make sure you see a lose of 20kg. Thats 10kg from 2011 and 10kg from 2012. HAHA, sucks to be you!

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