Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is this goodbye?

There used to be a time where everything was so fun. Everyone was fun. There were always so many gigs every saturday to go to that you crack your brains over time management. Same old places you hang out at. You bound to see everyone and anyone every weekend. You didnt get sick of it. You couldnt get sick of it. It was like a thing.

Now, its a thing of the past. These people whom you hardly talk to anymore. You hardly meet. You hardly have the time for. Instead of gigs, there are guest DJs. There are parties after parties after parties. You still meet people but no longer the same people.

As you grow older with trends, time and of course age, the things you used to enjoy back then faded into the darkness.

Sometimes, once in a while you are reminded of them but there is nothing you can do about it, You, for sure, cant turn back time. Often, some of these people contact you because 1) they are bored 2) they need a favour 3) sadly, they pressed the wrong button.

Once you had reach a certain age, what you basically have are called memories. In time to come, I am sure even memories will be cleared out. Like a Hard Disk. I obviously wish I have more than 24 hours a day.. just to catch up with friends. Catch up with those who have been busy too, those who travel more than I go to the toilet in a day, those who only come on to Mainland on the weekends (aka NSF), those who always say "okay meet up" but in the end, never plan anything.

I have friends whom I adore fondly. I miss them. I hate social media for the fact that I see that they hang out without me because I am no longer in school, I no longer have fun in the day. I havent gotten around to making new friends yet maybe because I am tied down by Koh ( I dont want him to think I cheating on him) or I am just to old for that kinda of shit. Okay, perhaps I had adopted the habit of "sorry, I too cool to say hi to you first" over the years.

In all honesty, I think I am ready to move on with life. Make new friends whom I can wine and dine with. Keep old friends who I can still party with once a month, play bowling, hang out at Jurong Point or just talk cock sing song.

To be able to tango, we need to have partners. So are you on board this ship with me? 'Cause I will be keeping y'all in my pocket if I could.

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