Thursday, January 19, 2012

i said in the year 3000

As jobless as I am, you bet I am bored to my toes. Suddenly, I was wondering what was my first FaceBook profile picture and what was going through my m
ind that made me click "make this profile picture'.

I was in love with this guy whom I reckon has totally no interest in me at all. I tried to gain his attention with this sign (it was a thing then... yes, I sin kid what else?) and I was crazy about his afro.

Yes yes, I should be working not using the webcam meant for members to snap photo of myself being insane.

Then came 0707. My fav bunch of night owls where drama naturally unfolds, misunderstanding/miscommunication being thrown all over, no one does the laundry, the ironing, the cleaning yet we managed to live.

There were also the NAFA days. The unintentionally awkward moments, drama, weird makeups, fun times and stage times.

Wait, before I go into details, which I really dont want to and I can spare you all that details as its allll on facebook. Besides, I am running late in meeting hollyandthewolves and raymond jr at Jurong Point for a hopefully success lepak session.

I found this photo:

This photo first surfaced on Friendster (Oh look, how ancient am I?) and looking back, I am such a sweetheart! I remember moving it to Facebook and xoxounicorn was commenting on how I should do a modern take on it!

Here it is:

Year 2012. Same tee, same toy, same room, same position of the room it was taken. But hair longer, body fatter, face bigger, different camera, different lighting.

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