Friday, January 20, 2012

Top Google Trends

What people see:

silver ang
2.sea hare
3.scarlet heart
4.bu bu jing xin
6.whatsapp hoax
7.kinfolk 9
8.seoul music awards 2012
9.point of entry
10.bongqiuqiu tong school
12.warrior sports liverpool kit design
15.shawn lee
17.lunar new year 2012
18.michael tolotos
19.a great way to care
20.lion dance

What I see:

1. Sliver Ang

The recent "showdown" of bloggers attacking each other via blog entries. Qiu Qiu (ranked 10th) has blogged a entry to reply back to Sliver's which is already down by the time this entry is up. Idk why but Im taking sides. I dont know them both however, been reading QQ and I feel she is very genuine.. well, except those photoshop pictures. LOL.

2. Whatsapp hoax

Whatsapp confirmed that the messages are a hoax. Like duh! Although sending texts via Whatsapp is free, I didnt bother to forward it. I thought chain messages has long lost its existence in the cyber world now come Whatsapp. Classic.

3. Seoul Music Awards 2012

I like Korean stars but not to the extend of watching a show where I dont understand all of the words.

4. Lunar New Year 2012

Hello! Its this Sunday. How many times you wanna confirm?

5. Lion dance.

I believe you are looking for this.

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