Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Preparing for the Ng-Chan wedding - wands

What's a Harry Potter theme wedding without wands . I searched Pinterest for this instructions. At first I thought it was going to be tedious but soon I got the hang of it and started to breeze though the whole process !

All you need is -
Glue gun and glue sticks . Glue gun is quite expensive from popular . Daiso used to sell them at 2$ . Glue sticks from Daiso.

Beads of different sizes . All from Daiso.

Wooden chopsticks , which are also from Daiso. There are different types of chopsticks. I chose this because of the tip and its thickness.

Acrylic paint . The ones at the back were from Art Friend and the smaller one is from Daiso.

You are ready to create your own wands!

Glue gun your designs ! Don't worry if the beads look messy when you stick them on. You have to paint them afterwards and no one can see the mess! Plus, there is no such thing was a perfect wand. The wand chooses it's wizard! 

My make shift holder . I paint them and placed them like this to dry them. Sometimes you will have to give them a second coat , depending on how you want your wands to look like.

White colour is super hard to paint . I gave up even after multiple coats and painted brown over .

Black ones look so death eater! 

The end product . Different shades of brown for variety. You can play with any colours you want to. Just remember there is no such thing as perfect . Some of my glue popped out because it was too thinly spread on to the chopsticks. Instead of plucking them out , I kept them in to give some effect.

Something like this . 

Go on have fun with this project! Show me photos if you decided to try your hands on this super fun DIY ! 

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