Monday, February 15, 2016

Permanent Valentine

Meet Alwyn.

I think I haven't officially introduce him. Age 28, Cantonese, Jay Chou lookalike. Husband to Me, future father of my children, my permanent Valentine.

Short story of how we met-
One day, I stepped into a lift. The lift door opened at level 8. Alwyn was there. He tindered me but there wasn't any match so he asked his friend about me. A month later, we met again. He asked me out. I said yes. The end.

This is how we spent our first Valentine's Day. I woke up to his smelly face in the morning and laid in bed till he gets up, a blessing that we are able to do that. Alwyn leaves for work at 7am every weekday and I work at 8.30am every weekend.

When the man got up, he brushed his teeth to have his coffee while I catch up on one US show. Suddenly..

This. I was thinking to myself if I was getting flowers and how is he going to go get them when I will be with him the whole of today. Then, as though I was a muggle and he was from Potterworld, a bouquet of flower appeared in front of me 😍

Red eye because eye itchy.

Rejoiced but refusing to give him a thank you kiss because I haven't brush my teeth, I went to the bathroom and wash my face to have breakfast.

Plant a kiss after I have my oral hygiene fixed

We then got ready for church.

Snuck a funny face shot before service started


I felt blessed that Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday. It's like we can have a date with Jesus too. 

Off to have dinner !

Everything was planned by the man. Even my dressing. If he had everything his way, he would have me remove my makeup. 

Here's a cheesy edit of a dinner photo for a cheesy date of an overrated highly celebrated day by young couples and so old ones too. We had dinner at this Italian place at Portsdown Road called Pietrasanta.

Service was fantastic but I can't say the same for their food. Staff knew their stuff which was refreshing. 

We ordered Minestrone soup. Staff asked if we were sharing and he said he will serve us on two separate bowls. That's a first for me however soup that came was bland. 

They had grilled calamari on menu. Staff said we can change it to fried calamari, which we did. It was too salty for my liking but Alwyn likes everything salty. 

Main was alright . I had a very standard seafood pasta with white wine sauce that could do with a little bit more herbs. Alwyn had a ravioli which tasted more like lasagna, only less carbs.

No photos because this one not food review post. I did read some reviews on HGW, one encountered cockroaches. I only saw two red ants on my table.

We then went for a walk at Henderson Waves and took photo at the exact spot we did when we were dating. We usually go for a walk after dinner but it has stopped after getting married as we hardly have dinner together anymore due to my work commitments. He was so excited when I suggested going for a walk.

Came home to another surprise on the table - a new wallet from Agnes B. But I still made him pluck my armpit hairs. Marriage is pretty disgusting. 

As the night was still young, we went heads on on his PS3. I would like to think that he finds his PS4 very precious so he doesn't play with it much. If not, it's abit waste of my $750 to get the Star Wars Limited Ed.

Then it's bed time. My permanent Valentine said that he will upz his game every year because I deserve it and I'm like three years later then say. 'Cause he looks like he's sleeping but he's actually playing games on his iPhone.

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